Get Ready for the Next Level: Introducing Navori Version 2.9! Check out the release notes by clicking here.

The Navori software is unique in that each piece of hardware benefits from the complete software, encompassing all the functionalities available in the CMS. A project may consist of a variety of hardware purchased locally, and thanks to the total hardware interoperability, users manage their content and its publication seamlessly.

Digital signage hardware comprises 3 ranges of devices designed to render digital content on screen.

  1. Standalone player device is a dedicated device designed to play your content independently from the screen. Click here and Unlock Insights on Player devices.
  2. System on Chip screen is a display device that integrates the media player directly into the display panel itself.
  3. Tablet for digital signage is a touchscreen device that is used to display digital content offering dynamic and interactive capabilities, allowing users to engage with the content through touch interactions.

With Navori software, you can select your screen hardware on a per-screen basis, according to your needs.

Navori  Apps for Player devices

Standalone device for Digital Signage is an external unit that connects to a screen via ports like HDMI, it can be upgraded or replaced independently of the display.

Tablets with Touch Screen

Tablets for interactive digital signage are their portability and their interactivity