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Built-in Features for Elevator

Screen News, Advertising and Wayfinding to Elevator Passengers

Elevators present a unique opportunity to capture an audience’s attention. Navori’s software is designed to power your entertainment screens within lifts

Identify the needs and pitfalls

Elevator digital signage screens in elevators engage passengers using within confined spaces. These displays show advertisements, news updates, or building-related information, to captivate elevator passengers during their brief journey.

However, pitfalls in implementing elevator digital signage can include technical constraints. Navori Player software are available on 12 hardware platforms, including elevator specialized hardware.

Why using Digital Signage screens in elevators?

Entertaining passengers during use
Elevators offer a unique setting for digital signage, where you have a captive audience for a brief moment. Navori’s elevator digital signage solutions make the most of this opportunity by providing entertaining and informative content. From real-time news and weather updates to company announcements and stock prices, our signage keeps passengers engaged and informed. The versatility of content, combined with high-quality displays, ensures a pleasant and informative elevator experience.

Advertise products, services, or events
Utilize elevator digital signage to showcase products, services, or upcoming events effectively. Navori’s software allows for easy content updates and scheduling, ensuring that your advertisements are always current and relevant. This targeted approach in a high-traffic area maximizes visibility and engagement, making it an ideal platform for internal marketing or external advertisers seeking to capture the attention of a diverse audience.

Display maps, directories, or directions
Elevator screens are an excellent medium for displaying maps, directories, and directional guides. Navori’s digital signage software can turn your elevator into an information hub, guiding passengers to their destinations within the building. This is particularly useful in large complexes like malls, hotels, or corporate buildings, where navigation can be challenging.

Relay important safety instructions or emergency procedures.
In emergencies, clear communication is crucial. Navori’s elevator digital signage can be utilized to display safety instructions and emergency procedures, offering guidance and reassurance to passengers. The ability to rapidly update content in real-time is invaluable, particularly in situations requiring immediate action or evacuation. This feature not only enhances safety but also fulfills legal obligations for emergency communications.

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Real-life Use Cases for Elevator Digital Signage

Navori’s digital signage software is designed to be compatible with a wide range of hardware options, making it ideal for elevator environments. Whether it’s compact screens for small spaces or larger displays for high-impact visuals, our software can integrate seamlessly with various hardware setups. This ensures that regardless of the physical constraints of an elevator, the digital signage remains effective and engaging.

Content Management System (CMS)
At the heart of our elevator digital signage solution is the Navori Content Management System (CMS). This user-friendly platform allows for easy creation, management, and scheduling of content. From real-time news feeds to custom advertisements, the CMS empowers users to curate a diverse content mix that resonates with passengers. Its intuitive interface makes managing elevator screens across multiple locations a streamlined and efficient process.

Sensors or Triggers
Navori’s software can integrate with sensors and triggers to provide context-aware content. For instance, content can change based on the time of day or the number of passengers in the elevator. This smart content adaptation enhances passenger engagement, ensuring that the displayed information is relevant and timely.

The versatility of Navori’s software lies in its ability to integrate with existing systems. Whether it’s connecting to a building’s security system to relay important alerts or integrating with external data sources for live updates, our software ensures a cohesive and comprehensive digital signage experience. This integration capability is crucial for elevators, where the need for timely and accurate information is paramount.

In conclusion

Navori’s software solutions for elevator digital signage are designed to meet the unique challenges of this environment. By combining hardware compatibility, an advanced CMS, smart sensors, and seamless integration, we provide an engaging, informative, and safe elevator experience for passengers. These real-life use cases demonstrate our commitment to innovation and our ability to deliver effective digital signage solutions in any setting.