Corporate Digital Signage for Communication

Business moves at a rapid pace. Keep your workforce informed and engaged with the corporate digital signage software from Navori QL.


Companies large and small rely on Navori Labs’ QL digital signage for internal employee communication. QL is an extremely flexible and secure corporate communications platform that anyone can quickly learn to operate. Our QL Player corporate signage software is available for a wide range of hardware devices and operating systems, including many System-on-Chip displays from well known brands.

See how QL can take your corporate communications to the next level with our digital signage for office environments.

Here’s why businesses rely on the QL platform for corporate communications:

  • Display real-time greetings for visitors, announcements and reminders for employees, and live room scheduling via QL Player’s live data feed support.
  • Deliver content to corporate offices, regional /local offices, factories and warehouses on a single platform.
  • Utilize the content you already have: video files, images, HTML5, streaming video, real-time data from multiple sources: RSS / XML, social media feeds from Twitter and Facebook, Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange.
  • Let your administrators control user rights profiles for staff members based on their responsibilities: IT professional, content manager, creative staff, data administrator…
  • Run a secure system. Try QL’s encrypted logins or Active Directory / SSO support.
  • Connect with your corporate SQL server or any remote file server for unlimited data and content storage. Use content delivery networks and fail-over servers.
  • Display live data from any internal database, business intelligence dashboard, or live data feed.
  • Automate your processes with the QL Server API. Bypass the software UI and control QL from your own existing business applications.
  • QL Mobile lets non-desk and mobile employees take control of their local signage. Interrupt currently scheduled programs and launch content on-demand from any smartphone or tablet.

Product Features

Businesses have been trusting QL for over 20 years because it’s the most efficient and reliable corporate communication software of its kind.

  • QL Player is engineered for efficiency and reliability. QL Player is available for Windows PCs, Android devices, System-on-Chip devices and BrightSign hardware. All QL Player versions are fully interoperable, making internal communications a breeze.

  • Navori Labs offers an Android powered QL Stix media player. This professional grade device supports 4K content with broadcast-quality rendering.

  • Manage and deliver communications content to any screen in any orientation. QL supports single and multi-display layouts including large scale video walls.

  • Play fully-synchronized and perfectly timed content across multiple screens.

  • QL Server is available in on-premise and cloud hosted versions.

  • Select QL on-premise for total control of your digital signage environment. Use physical or virtual servers and all cloud hosting providers are supported.

  • QL cloud requires no upfront investment. Simply pay a monthly fee per player license and scale up to match your communication needs. QL cloud is supported and managed by Navori Labs and offers 99% availability.

  • QL Content Manager is HTML5 based and there is no local software to install or maintain so you instantly save on CapEx and OpEx.

  • QL includes built-in and full-featured template and ticker design tools. Any staff member can create professional looking digital layouts with ease. No technical skills are required for employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Businesses use digital signage for a range of corporate communication tasks. Screens display a mix of programmed and live content to keep staff members and customers engaged, providing information to our clients and employees any time, any place.

Digital signage can be an asset to any business. Organizations utilize displays to keep local employees informed. It also helps improve communications with remote offices. It’s also great for training employees, broadcasting presentations from management, and as a tool for live town hall meetings.

To properly use office digital signage, it is important to take the type of business into account. Some corporate environments may display business intelligence dashboards and financial data such as key performance indicators, while others prefer digital signage for team building using inspirational videos and employee milestones and news. Sales organizations can also show CRM data and statistics. A support organization might show average call duration and information related to wait times or waiting callers. Digital signage can also be used to share information such as employee shifts or statistical information when used in a manufacturing or warehousing context.

Digital signage can be used in many office and production locations to share any type of information or communication.

A corporate digital screen is most commonly found in some of the following areas:

  • Common areas
  • Corporate campuses
  • Elevator halls
  • Lunch rooms
  • Manufacturing floors
  • Meeting rooms
  • Office lobbies
  • Shipping docks

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