LED Signage Solutions

QL delivers unique features for every type and size of LED screen.

LED Signage Solutions

The LED Signage Challenge

LED signage has replaced printed roadside billboard advertising and static outdoor signage. Today, brand owners and ad agencies rely on outdoor LED displays and video walls to deliver their message to the public. This new advertising medium is commonly called, “digital out-of-home” (DOOH).

DOOH advertising has become the fastest growing digital signage segment, with digital menu boards coming in as a close second.

Advancements in technology and improved manufacturing efficiencies have helped bring down the cost of outdoor LED displays. It’s why you see more digital signage LED displays along busy highways and on building facades.

LED signage software offers many advantages over static posters.

  • They can cover very large areas creating a near-unlimited canvas for your message.
  • They can be viewed during the day or night.
  • They can display motion graphics and video content.
  • They share common digital signage characteristics. For example, display a stream of content with targeted messaging, or trigger notifications on-demand.
  • They can be installed in high-traffic areas and other places where printed billboards used to go.

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The QL Software Solution

Our platform is a complete digital signage and DOOH advertising management solution. It features ad campaign management tools and non-standard LED display resolution support.

Our solution includes everything you need:

  • QL Player software – play any content on any LCD screen or LED display.
  • QL Server API – automate our software and integrate with third-party systems.
  • Advanced player monitoring – stay on top of your network’s status and take action when necessary.
  • Analytics/playback reporting – always know what played, on which screen.
  • Audience measurement module – gather advanced advertising metrics.
  • Aquaji Marketing Analytics module – get a complete picture of your audience and know who is watching your ads.

QL Server is available in two versions.

  • Cloud – Let Navori Labs staff manage the server back-end. Pay a monthly fee per player and add more units as you grow. No large capital expense required.
  • On-premise – Purchase self-hosted licenses on your own server hardware, or on your hosted server. QL is compatible with all popular hosted Windows services including Microsoft Azure, and Amazon AWS.

What’s required?

Your typical DOOH application requires a back-end server and related software for content playback. You need a content management system that staff members will use to organize, schedule, and deliver their client’s ads. A media player installed at each site handles content playout. The led sign software also provides proof-of-play statistics for client billing and performance analysis, giving you greater control.

In more advanced scenarios, programmatic DOOH uses automation to eliminate manual processes related to ad inventory management and scheduling.

QL is designed for DOOH

The QL LED signage software platform offers many options for DOOH signage operators:

  • QL Content Manager supports manual ad bookings where the operator handles every aspect of the ad programming process.
  • QL offers an Ad Campaign Manager software module that automates ad insertion.
  • Using the Ad Campaign Manager, operators select and control the number of ad impressions. It also lets staff choose the number of ads to play in succession.
  • QL’s algorithm inserts the selected ads into the current schedule to meet each client’s targets. This level of automation can greatly reduce the need for manual programming.
  • The QL Server API provides an easy way to integrate existing ad booking systems programmatically to automate ad campaign management, including:
  • Ad content registration
  • Ad playlist insertion
  • Publication to QL Players
LED Display

Monitor advertising campaign performance

QL Server includes unique tools to support DOOH signage operators and ad booking services:

  • Create forward-looking preview reports to validate a campaign’s performance before it begins. First, you set your campaign parameters. Then, you generate a report that shows how each piece of content will play over the course of any future period.
  • QL Analytics lets you generate detailed proof-of-play reports for any period. You have complete control over the reporting parameters.
  • Analytics reports can be exported in Microsoft Excel format for further analysis or email distribution.
  • Report generation can also be automated using QL Server’s APIs.

Other features:

  • Schedule screen on/off times and retrieve valuable status information from any screen or outdoor LED sign in real-time.
  • Monitor your QL Players remotely. Receive email reports and live, in-dashboard status updates.
  • Reset and reboot devices without any third-party software.
  • Trigger any static or video content with our Template Designer. Display instant messages or other time-sensitive information as needed. For example, you can display traffic notices or accident reports on LED displays near major highways. Once the incident is resolved, your displays automatically resume their regular programming.
  • Create information overlays to display the local time, date, weather, and other live information anywhere on screen while your content plays.
  • Use QL’s Campaign Manager to insert ads in your programs. Generate proof of playback reports you can share with your clients, and gain unprecedented control over your displays.
  • Integrate your indoor and outdoor LED signage software with other signage under a single unified solution. QL is compatible with a wide-range of hardware devices and Windows PCs so you can rely on the same user experience across them all. Manage any type of screen or display, including video walls and interactive kiosks.

Frequently Asked questions

Why use QL for DooH sign software?

QL offers the most flexibility. DOOH sign software operators can use their preferred ad management method. They can even combine methods where some ads are managed programmatically and others manually.

Operators can start small and automate their QL outdoor LED sign software processes as they grow their business.

QL offers all the ad inventory management and tracking tools required.

Does QL support on-demand content?

Yes, QL offers multiple options for on-demand content.

  • Conditional playback rules monitor specific data feeds and content is either triggered or added to a playlist whenever the conditions are met. For example, show an ad for ice cream when the temperature exceeds a specific level.
  • Content can be triggered on your LED signage by using external sensors or third-party software using the QL Player APIs.

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