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Stratascale/SHI: Using Navori for their digital signage showroom

Navori Digital Signage Software is so easy to use. To configure the system, you just enter the devices’ serial numbers and they’re automatically recognized. It only takes about an hour or two to learn the software, and because it’s cloud-based, there is a lot of flexibility for performing updates, monitoring, and management. I don’t have to be in the office––I don’t even have to be on the corporate network. I can access it from my phone, anywhere, and make changes.

Digital signage for showroom challenges

The objective was to create a unique experience for Statascale’s visitors by showing them the latest innovations in the industry. 

This installation showcases QL’s strengths:

  • EASY SAMSUNG SSSP SETUP – Experience QL’s broadcast-quality performance on Samsung SSSP screens. Visitors get to see how easy it is to set up new Samsung SoC screens on the Navori platform.
  • MOBILE INTERACTIVITY – See how anyone can control any QL-powered screens remotely using a smartphone or tablet. Publish photos from their smartphone on-the-fly. Personalize and publish instant messages. Demonstrate how easy it is for remote users to modify content programming and instantly publish updates to any screen.
  • COMPUTER VISION – Find out how Navori Labs’ Navori digital signage software can be interfaced with the AQUAJI computer vision software. See how QL’s content programming adapts to the audience’s demographic profile based on AQUAJI’s marketing data.
  • Navori CONTENT MANAGER – Discover Navori Content Manager’s ease of use and accessibility. See how it’s easy to manage players and content alike. No special skills needed.
  • Navori TEMPLATE DESIGNER – See how anyone can create professional templates in minutes using media zones, text objects, live news items and weather observations.

About Stratascale

Stratascale is part of SHI, one of the world’s most successful technology resellers and technology solutions providers. The company brings a consultancy-first approach to digital agility, helping Fortune 1000 organizations at every stage of their journey from education, to design, and adoption.

Stratascale applies intelligence and real-world wisdom to solving the most pressing business challenges and providing a smarter way of achieving digital agility initiatives.

Navori Modules used for this project

  • CSA-01 Navori Professional – Cloud – Mutualized desktop and mobile CMS access + one endpoint