Stratascale/SHI: Using QL for their digital signage showroom

Stratascale, a division of SHI International Corp., was looking to streamline its client-facing communications in the company’s Customer Innovation Center (CIC).  It’s an 8,000 square-foot facility designed to showcase solutions the technology consulting and integration firm offers to its customers. SHI sells to corporations, government institutions, healthcare providers, higher education, and retail clients so it needed to showcase relevant applications. The facility houses 15 Samsung SSSP displays that show videos and presentations about the company’s vendor partners and the products they offer.  Stratascale needed to upgrade their digital signage showroom so they selected Navori Labs’ QL software platform. They did so based on the software’s renowned performance and ease of use. The screens deployed in the digital signage showroom run on QL’s cloud based software. They display a mix of on-demand and scheduled content managed though the QL platform. Demonstrations are managed using the software’s HTML5-based user interface called Content Manager.

Stratascale/SHI: Using QL for their digital signage showroom
Navori QL Digital Signage Software is so easy to use. To configure the system, you just enter the devices’ serial numbers and they’re automatically recognized. It only takes about an hour or two to learn the software, and because it’s cloud-based, there is a lot of flexibility for performing updates, monitoring, and management. I don’t have to be in the office––I don’t even have to be on the corporate network. I can access it from my phone, anywhere, and make changes.”

Tim Henning

Director of Engineering and Architecture, Stratascale - SHI

Digital signage for showroom challenges

The objective was to create a unique experience for Statascale’s visitors by showing them the latest innovations in the industry. 

This installation showcases QL’s strengths:

About Stratascale

Stratascale is part of SHI, one of the world’s most successful technology resellers and technology solutions providers. The company brings a consultancy-first approach to digital agility, helping Fortune 1000 organizations at every stage of their journey from education, to design, and adoption.

Stratascale applies intelligence and real-world wisdom to solving the most pressing business challenges and providing a smarter way of achieving digital agility initiatives.

QL Modules used for this project

  • CSA-01 QL Professional – Cloud – Mutualized desktop and mobile CMS access + one endpoint