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Navori Labs is a Swiss software innovator with over 20 years’ experience delivering premium technologies to customers worldwide.

We offer a complete suite of digital signage products for any application, hardware type, and hosting model.

Display any content flawlessly

QL Digital Signage Software gives you the flexibility and performance you need to be successful. QL Player renders any content on any system on chip display or external media player in pixel perfect quality.

Digital Signage Software

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The most user friendly, full featured Digital Signage CMS

A single pane, drag and drop user interface to create and publish dynamic content with ease

Digital Signage CMS - QL mobile GUI
image video html PDF PPTX Power BI Template Streaming HDMI
Image Video HTML PDF PPT Power BI Template Streaming HDMI

Create and upload your content

Display any type of media or web based content natively in your digital signage.


Smart content automation

Create smart rules that let your live data sources automate content playback.


Interact using your smartphone

Let non desk staff control what’s playing on your digital signs.


Monitor screens from anywhere

Check all of your digital signage player statuses quickly and easily.

Create professional templates in minutes

QL Template Designer allows you to easily build professional digital signage templates

Feature your 4K and HD videos, social media feeds, live news sources, business dashboards, meeting schedules, weather forecasts, traffic conditions, and more…

HTML Datagrid Calendar XML RSS FaceBook Twitter
HTML Data grid Calendar XML RSS Facebook Twitter

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Trusted by Digital Signage teams from all industries

QL Software is designed to help companies across all industries and use cases


Engage with your customers, promote your products and boost sales. Deploy digital signage and retail media through your private network.

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Digital Menu Boards
Indoor & Drive thru

Design custom layouts for your restaurants and drive thru, food trucks. Trigger upsells or video takeovers and integrate dynamic pricing data with ease.

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Use Workplace Employee Screens, integrate live content from today’s most popular business tools to keep your teams connected, organized, and motivated.

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DooH / Advertising
Retail media

Monetize your network with built-in advertising campaign management and playback reporting tools that are intuitive and easy-to-use.

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Hospitals and

Keep staff and patients informed with real-time schedules, upcoming events, and live message boards.

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Keep your government service centers running smoothly with informational signage, interactive kiosks and wayfinders, live schedules, queue management and more…

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Display real-time schedules and trigger live announcements with ease. Offer travelers wayfinders while monetizing your network with built-in advertising campaign management tools.

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Gym and Fitness

Inform, organize, and motivate members with updated class schedules, club promotions and motivating stats or videos.

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Colleges, universities and schools are public places where the organization in charge constantly needs to communicate with the students.

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From baseball and football stadium signage to hockey and basketball arenas, Digital Signage delivers a better fan experience, all while increasing venue revenues.

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Interactive digital signage installations engage and motivate visitors while creating a memorable customer experience that promotes return visits

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The QL Digital Signage Suite

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  • INR

QL Essential offers standard digital signage tools for any user, with or without IT knowledge.

QL Professional is for the more sophisticated and large scale signage projects of enterprise users.

Both versions are available on the Cloud (monthly fee) and On-Premise (perpetual licenses and rental).



Per Month per screen
Annual plan

  • Unlimited CMS users
  • Content designer
  • Data feed manager
  • Tagging and validity
  • QL Mobile



Per Month per screen
Annual plan

  • Smart content automation
  • Ad campaign management
  • Playback reporting
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Integration with Aquaji

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New to Digital Signage?

Explore terms, systems, use cases and tips in our FAQ sections.

Why use digital signage?

Opting for digital signage over the conventional printed signs offers numerous benefits. It’s not only quicker and more efficient but also provides a captivating and lasting impression on the audience.

The backbone of this digital transition is the Content Management System (CMS). This intuitive software allows users to effortlessly upload or craft content and devise new presentations for display. Such presentations can amalgamate various forms of media and data, including images, videos, web materials, corporate insights, menus, live news updates, weather forecasts, business analytics, and much more.

Subsequently, the media player software retrieves and displays the content designed in the CMS. This digital signage software amplifies your communication, permitting you to broadcast your content across multiple screens almost instantaneously.

Gone are the days of long waits for sign printing. With digital signage software, crafting and showcasing tailored content and messages is just a few clicks away, accessible anytime and anywhere through your web browser.

What are the components of a signage solution?

The main part of digital signage is the screen, which comes in two types: Standard displays and System on Chip (SoC) screens. SoC screens have everything, including the media player, built inside the screen’s frame. Examples of SoC screens come from Samsung, LG, Philips, and Sony. The other type of screen works more like a regular TV and needs an external media player to show digital signage content. Both types work well with professional digital signage software.

The next important part is the digital signage server. Users can upload or create content and make programs to display on the screen using a content manager. In a cloud-based system, the server is hosted by the software vendor or a system integrator, and there’s a monthly fee for each media player that is hosted. Another option, called on-premises, has the user host the server on their own infrastructure. In this case, the customer buys the software licenses and pays an annual SLA fee.

The third part is the media player, which is needed for non-SoC displays. This player connects to the screen with an HDMI cable and can be a Windows PC, Android media player, Bright Sign media player, or others. It downloads the digital signage content from the server and shows it on the screen. A reliable digital signage system from a reputable company should support popular media player types.

Are SoC displays a good option for digital signage?

SoC displays, which stands for System-on-Chip displays, can be a good option for, depending on your specific needs and preferences. These displays have a media player and processing capabilities built right into the screen, so you don’t need an extra player or hardware. It’s a simple and space-saving solution, which is great for smaller deployments or places with limited space. You can manage SoC displays remotely, which means you can control the content, schedule, and monitor everything from a central location.

However, keep in mind that SoC displays may have limited processing power compared to dedicated media players. Before choosing them, make sure they work well with your digital signage software and that the vendor offers good support. Overall, SoC displays can be a practical choice for digital signage, especially if you want a compact and integrated solution with remote management capabilities.

Why is Navori digital signage software so effective?

Simple Content Management: Navori has a tool that helps you put together and plan your digital displays easily. It’s user-friendly, and you can drag items around to make them look good. Plus, you can manage content on different screens from one place.

Works for Everyone: Whether you’re using one screen or many across various places, Navori can handle it. The software can be adjusted to fit different needs and works well with other systems.

Smart Timing: With Navori, you can decide when and where to show specific content. This means showing the right message to the right people, whether it’s based on time, day, weather, or who’s watching.

See How You’re Doing: Navori provides reports showing how well your displays are working. You can see things like how many people watched and for how long.

Works Well with Others: Navori can connect with many different systems. This means you can pull in info from other sources or tools you already use, making your displays more effective and up-to-date.