Digital Signage for Banking and Finance

A digital signage system is a great way to advertise and inform customers, employees and visitors. Digital signage allows you to send messages throughout your business in real-time, so you can change them as often as needed without any additional cost. A digital sign also offers an opportunity to increase sales by providing relevant content that will encourage people to visit your location or call your company directly.

In the banking and finance industry, effective communication is crucial for building trust and customer loyalty. Bank digital signage is an innovative tool that can help banks communicate better with their customers and employees. Digital signage for banks provides a flexible platform that allows banks to display real-time information about their services, rates, and promotions.

QL delivers engaging digital signage content for banks and financial services on any display, anywhere. From the smallest touch-enabled tablet to the largest video walls, QL’s digital signage software can handle it all.

It’s all about the customer experience

Increasingly, customers interact with their banks via the internet. Online banking has deeply affected the retail banking sector, leading to branch closures and changes in the way banks deliver services to their customers. However, there is still a need for physical locations to support financial transactions that cannot be performed online. Customer expectations are increasingly high due to the popularity of social media, wireless transactions, and e-commerce. This creates an ideal opportunity for banks to update their retail locations and deliver a truly modern customer experience.

Strategically located displays can help reduce wait time, inform customers of new services and improve the overall perception of the bank. In fact, successful digital signage implementations deliver high-quality content that is both timely and relevant. Most of today’s digital signage solutions support some form of live data support which is another important feature that banks can use to communicate with retail customers. Live data displays can improve banking for customers by showing current market prices, interest rates, currency exchange rates, and other vital financial data.

Furthermore, digital signage for banks can assist with wayfinding, directing customers to various areas within the bank, such as ATMs, teller counters, and loan offices. This can help to reduce wait times and improve the overall customer experience.

Template Live Financial Data And Live Tv Streaming

At the other end of the spectrum are social media feeds, weather information and news items which can significantly reduce perceived dwell times for customers waiting for the next available teller.

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Digital signage solutions help banks…

Banks and financial institutions have relied on the QL Digital signage software for over 20 years.

  • Showcase promotions and advertise new financial products to help increase sales and improve customer awareness.
  • Reduce perceived banking waiting time by displaying timely and relevant financial information.
  • Engage customers with social media content.
  • Provide customers with a better experience where they feel truly valued.
  • Display personalized digital signage content that inspires on your branch’s screens.
  • Communicate with employees and coordinate your teams using your private and secure digital signage channel.

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Highly reliable digital signage software designed for 24 x 7 x 365 operation

  • QL is capable of rendering 8K media for ultra-high-resolution applications. Display any content on large-scale video walls and LED billboards. Deploy content in your bank’s lobby and public spaces.
  • Easily deploy rich dynamic content, modern layouts and live data feed with no coding required.
  • QL features a friendly user interface that is easy to use and learn.

The QL CMS server can be installed on-premise or hosted on the Navori Labs’ SaaS. We are a Swiss company so you can rest assured our software is engineered with security in mind.

Navori Labs retains the services of a third-party security firm to perform regular, ongoing testing. This ensures our digital signage software is appropriate for sensitive applications such as in the financial sector.


Trigger or publish media based on real-time events or external data, such as:

QL includes many features that are uniquely attractive to banks and financial institutions:

  • Lending or currency rate changes
  • Bank loyalty programs
  • Announcements – employee or customer-facing

It’s not just for customers

Digital signage solutions aren’t only useful for customer-facing displays. Bank employees in offices and branch locations can all benefit from digital signage. For example, displays used to communicate with customers can be switched to a corporate content channel during off-hours. Displays can be installed in common areas, lunch rooms, and meeting rooms to further expand their use. Employee-facing displays can inform, entertain and motivate staff at every level of the organization.

Product features

QL includes many features that are uniquely suited for bank digital signage:

  • Highly reliable digital signage software designed for 24 x 7 x 365 operation
  • Support for Active Directory and ADFS user authentication right out of the box for easy SSO integration
  • QL is capable of rendering 8K media for ultra-high-resolution applications. Display any content on large-scale video walls and LED billboards. Deploy content in your bank’s lobby and public spaces.
  • Easily deploy rich dynamic content, modern layouts and live data feeds with no coding required.
  • QL features a friendly user-interface digital signage content manager that is easy to use and learn.
  • Choose which information to display in all locations, and direct content is meant for specific branches.
  • Display relevant information based on each screen’s location within each branch

What about security?

Network security is the number one concern for banking and financial service executives. Banking network environments are more secure than your typical business LAN. There are several layers of security, proxy servers, and many other safeguards that can create issues with digital signage solutions. Typically, digital signage players communicate with a back-end server that is either located on-premise or remotely managed and maintained in the cloud. Since communication with the public internet is highly restricted, this complicates digital signage data flow.

Only professional-grade, secure digital signage solutions can operate in these environments. These products communicate using secure HTTP channels and are compatible with proxy servers to ensure data can flow between the back-end CMS server and each playback device.

The software’s communication method also has an impact on its security (or lack of). The more secure products communicate using a “forward and store” method where content is transferred to each media player and stored locally. Each media player pulls the data at a regular intervals and this is a fully autonomous process.

This has two advantages over streaming-based solutions:

  1. Data is only transferred and stored once so bandwidth is only consumed during the data transfer process. Once the files are stored locally, there is no more data being transferred.
  2. Since data is stored locally, media players will continue to show content even in the event the device loses connection to the network.

Products that lack these capabilities are not recommended for banking and financial use.

QL server architecture


We hope that this has helped you understand why digital signage systems are important for banks and financial institutions. Incorporating digital signage for banks is a wise investment for financial institutions looking to improve communication with their customers and employees. With the right bank digital signage solution, banks can streamline their messaging and enhance the customer experience. By utilizing digital signage for banks, banks can improve their brand recognition, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately achieve their business goals.

Frequently Asked questions

What is Digital Signage used for in banks?

Banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions use digital signage to advertise new products and communicate with their customers. They also use interactive touch screens for wayfinding and to provide helpful information. Banks know digital signage delivers a better customer experience.

How to know if Digital Signage is a good option for your bank?

Do you currently use static, printed posters, or other similar materials in your organization? Then, digital signage is meant for you. Switch to dynamic digital signage and improve your customer experience. You’ll also benefit from enhanced internal communications with your staff.

What kind of content can I use?

Banks have access to a range of digital media. You can repurpose existing ads originally created for TV or reuse your website content on your digital signage screens. You can also use digital signage technologies for customer presentations. Essentially, any current multimedia content can be used, whether it’s new or existing content.

Where can banking Digital Signage be used?

Banks have many locations to choose from, such as:

  • Touch screen kiosks in lobbies for wayfinding and information centers.
  • Video walls and single displays near cashier stations and at the branch entrance.
  • Screens can be installed near ATMs for an additional branding / advertising option.
  • Meeting room screens can be used for branding opportunities when they are not in use.