Digital Signage for Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

Display targeted promotions that motivate shoppers, improve the overall shopping experience, and increase sales immediately with Navori QL digital signage software for grocery stores.


Broadcast in-store promotional campaigns quickly and efficiently. Advertising campaigns can be created and deployed to any number of stores in a matter of minutes.

Use your QL digital signage network to generate additional revenue streams from sponsored advertising sales. Supermarkets and grocery stores are some of the best locations to reach shoppers with in-store ads.

Deploy QL powered digital displays in your supermarket or grocery store and watch your profits grow! Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Encourage impulse buying and grow high-margin sales.
  • Display infotainment content (news, weather, sports, social media, etc.) and reduce perceived wait times at check-out.
  • Create and manage in-store ad campaigns with QL’s built-in advertising campaign toolset. Ads are automatically inserted into your programming based on your target number of impressions.
  • Reduce point-of-purchase signage printing, shipping, and handling costs.
  • Eliminate waste. Digital signage content doesn’t need to be disposed of or recycled.
  • Change your messaging based on the time of day or type of location.
  • Trigger any content or edit data feeds right from the sales floor using QL Mobile on any smartphone or tablet.
  • Manage your displays remotely. No third-party app required. Reboot/reset players with a single click. Manage and play ambient music in your store at no additional cost.

It’s time to give your grocery store’s shopping experience an upgrade, so your products fly off the shelves and sales surpass previous years.

Product Features

Our QL digital signage software has everything you need to engage customers and inform your staff:

  • Tag content so it plays on specific screens inside each store. QL ensures ads are always shown in the right department. Send advertising and promotions to public screens and training content to staff meeting rooms.

  • Assign content validity periods in advance to ensure that promotions and ads are only shown on specific days, during specific time periods, for a specific number of days.

  • Use QL’s preview reports to see how ads will be inserted into your daily programs and to forecast future ad impressions.

  • QL’s analytics engine provides a detailed review of all content played. Download and share reports in Excel format instantly.

  • Use beacons, motion sensors and cameras to trigger tailored content and increase customer engagement. Display ads to repeat customers based on loyalty programs or store data.

  • Show content based on conditional rules and live data feeds. Display promotions based on current weather observations, stock levels, social media keywords, point-of-sale data, and more. Use any data source with no programming required.

  • Digital signage is the secret that most grocery stores don't know about, so get ahead of the competition now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital signage engages shoppers, helps to build brand loyalty, and increases sales. Screens deliver a steady stream of content, like in-store promotions, infotainment, and third-party advertising. The programming is adapted to each department in the store, so shoppers see different content from one area to the next.

Digital signage is a great value-added option for any retail business. Even the smallest convenience store can take advantage of digital signage to promote their products and display relevant advertisements to shoppers. Larger grocery stores and supermarket chains benefit even more because they can publish content regionally and adapt the messaging to individual locations.

You can display promotional images and videos for in-store items and services, reinforce your brand, promote your loyalty programs, and engage customers with contests, giveaways, and other attention-grabbing content. Use a mix of video and images with real-time data for more engaging content.

Install displays in each department at the end of aisles and near areas of interest to customers, like the meat and fish counter or along the freezer aisle. Display positions are typically near the store entrance and behind cashier counters for to improve the visibility of products.

Don’t forget the exterior of the store. LED billboards are a great option for pylon signs and store façades. Grocery stores can keep sightlines in mind and be sure to follow local municipal regulations.

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