Using Live Social Media and Message Boards

Present more information using digital social media and message boards on your digital signage screens. Social media feeds from TwitterInstagram and Facebook offer a great way to engage with viewers.

Using Live Social Media and Message Boards

Businesses can also create their own internal messaging channels to inform and motivate their staff.  Social media digital signage lets you present more information in a smaller space than traditional bulletin and message boards.

Social media digital signage will decrease your workload by at least 75% compared to printed or hand-written message boards. Also, digital signage screens can be installed anywhere. It’s never been easier to provide an endless source of real-time information to your staff.

These days, it seems everyone maintains a social media presence. Many businesses and organizations use this channel to distribute corporate information and entertaining content. It makes sense to repurpose social media content for your digital message boards because it fosters employee participation.

Social and digital media interactions create powerful and intimate links with the viewer. This is due to the immediacy and the context-appropriate nature of the content.

Your staff will be excited to contribute once they see their social media posts appear on your business’ digital signage screens. This enhances everyone’s experience, from your staff to your customers.  The more active your social media users are, the better the experience for your viewers. You will cultivate a more positive experience when you integrate social media content into your digital signage programming.

The Social and Messaging Challenge

Social media digital signage lets you update your content in real-time which helps keep your content fresh. Publishing social media content to your screens lets you benefit from a constant flow of updated news and information.

One of the biggest challenges for businesses is the need for updated content. When content gets stale, viewers stop paying attention. This is where social media can really make a difference. In a traditional digital signage workflow, you rely on dedicated staff to create content and manually update your screens.

Social media data feed

With social media, you simply link one or more data feeds to your template or ticker and publish. Once your media players receive their instructions, they will display and refresh the data automatically. No more manual publishing. Just post to your Twitter feed for your digital signage updates and you’re done.

This social and digital media interaction can save you a lot of time and money. You get constantly updated content that is relevant to your business and you can personalize the content to meet your needs. There is no additional workload required for your team members so they can focus on more pressing tasks.

QL lets anyone publish social media content across any number of screens, in any location with minimum effort.

Social Twitter

The QL Software Solution

  • Motivate your audience by publishing calls to action and focused content. QL keeps your teams informed with relevant information that is constantly updated.
  • Entertain viewers with a steady stream of social media content. Mix pre-programmed multimedia content with your social media feeds to keep your programming fresh.
  • Use multiple data sources: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, RSS/XML, Microsoft 365 Calendar and SharePoint feeds. Mix different feeds on the same screen using QL Templates and Tickers.
  • Create your own custom data feeds hosted on QL server. No programming skills required. Let authorized staff members update your private data feeds in minutes using our Data Feed Manager.
  • Create your own custom templates to display multimedia content and real-time data on any screen. Templates and Tickers can be customized to match your corporate look or branding. There are no special skills or training required. Simply drag and drop your content and data feeds into our design tool and you’re done.

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