Empowering Non-Desk Employees with Mobile Digital Signage Access

Launch any content instantly from the comfort of your favorite mobile device. Control your mobile digital signage displays and create interactive experiences. No training required!

The Mobile Digital Signage Challenge

Non-desk staff members need access to powerful digital tools that lets them respond to customer requests on the sales floor. They need the ability to accomplish simple tasks like turning screens on/off or rebooting digital signage devices when there is a problem.

Employees must also remain in complete control of the content that is shown on screen and they must be allowed to quickly make changes when needed.

So how can we give access to non-desk employees so there are less mistakes and technical support issues?

Having the ability to delegate control of your digital signage screens is great. But here’s something to keep in mind. How do you give access to your company’s digital signage screens without exposing yourself to costly mistakes? How do you prevent someone from accessing specific screens, or posting unauthorized content?

In short, you need tools that are secure, fast and intuitive. You need a digital signage software solution that will let you control what your mobile users can see, and what they can do from their mobile devices.

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The QL Software Solution

Empower your sales staff so they can promote any item right on the sales floor using their favorite mobile device. Let your employees trigger sales presentations, instantly display relevant content on any screen, make digital menu board pricing changes, show training videos on any screen.

QL Mobile gives mobile users access to specific screens. It limits their ability to make critical mistakes, like accidentally deleting content or publishing updates to locations outside their control.

  • QL Mobile for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Custom User Roles and Permissions
  • QL Data Feed Manager
  • QL Template Designer
QL Mobile GUI

Take control of any display

QL Mobile is intended for on-site staff who work in:

  • Retail
  • Corporate communications
  • Quick service restaurants (QSR)
  • Convention centers
  • And many similar locations.

QL Mobile is designed for non-desk employees and mobile staff who need a simple way to update the content on digital signs but don’t have regular access to a desktop computer. Our mobile software lets users modify what’s playing on any electronic signage board using their own smartphone or tablet.

QL Mobile users can easily…

  • Control any LED signage display while they’re on the go. Switch from pre-scheduled programming to on-demand content instantly.
  • Trigger any content or playlist and choose how long to display your content.
  • Turn screens on and off, reboot players, or change the volume on any device.
  • Edit QL-hosted data feeds and publish changes to your screens in real-time.
  • Let your staff publish photos to any LED signage board using their smartphone or tablet.
  • Deliver relevant instant messages to your viewers on-demand.

QL Mobile helps you grow your business and engage shoppers by delivering a more memorable customer experience.

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Efficient user management

Just like their desktop counterparts, a QL Mobile user’s roles are fully configurable. Administrators control what the mobile user can do and which players they can manage from their various devices.

QL supports users on a single unified platform. With customizable user roles and permissions, administrators can oversee large groups of users more efficiently, so you save on operating expenses (OPEX) and further prevent mistakes or unauthorized access to certain players. QL will help you manage information across various types of media and data feed types.

QL Mobile has different uses:

  • Sales staff can instantly call up any video, image, or website and display them on local digital signage screens. This is ideal for selling big-ticket items, like appliances, high-end audio, or photographic equipment, automobiles, or even real estate. Regular programming resumes once the salesperson is done.
  • Turn any digital signage screen into an online training platform. Let staff in remote locations view on-demand training videos, product information and introductions, live meeting schedules, news updates, executive reports, and more. Content is triggered when staff are available and regular programming resumes once the session is over.
  • Create dual-purpose digital signage installations where displays are used for sales and marketing during the day and training/informational material is shown before or after business hours.
  • Leverage your digital signage investment in trade show installations. Trigger specific content instantly based on each visitor’s interests.

Frequently Asked questions

Where can I use QL mobile?

This QL technology is suitable for any site where local users need to take control of their screens, such as:

  • Factories, warehouse facilities, corporate offices
    • Meeting rooms
    • Lunchrooms
    • Common areas
  • Car dealerships:
    • Showrooms
    • Lunchrooms
    • Waiting rooms
    • Service desks
  • Retail stores
    • Sales floor
    • Lunchrooms
    • Meeting rooms
  • Government offices:
    • Lobbies
    • Waiting rooms
    • Meeting rooms

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Is it risky to allow mobile phone access to my digital signage?

Allowing mobile phone access to your digital signage can present certain risks, but with proper security measures in place, these risks can be mitigated. By implementing appropriate security measures, regular monitoring, and user education, the risks associated with mobile phone access to digital signage can be minimized. It’s essential to work with reputable vendors, consult with IT professionals, and stay updated on the latest security practices to ensure the integrity and protection of your digital signage system.

What types of smartphones does QL mobile support?

QL Mobile is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones. This means it supports a wide range of smartphone models running on these operating systems.

For Android smartphones, QL Mobile is compatible with devices running Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or higher. This covers a broad range of Android devices from various manufacturers.

For iOS smartphones, QL Mobile is compatible with iPhones and iPads running iOS 9 or later. This includes a range of iPhone models, such as iPhone 6 and newer, as well as iPads that support iOS 9 or later versions.

It’s important to note that compatibility requirements and supported smartphone models may change over time as new versions of QL Mobile are released. It’s recommended to consult the official documentation or contact Navori Labs directly for the most up-to-date information on supported smartphone models for QL Mobile.

Is QL mobile included with my digital signage software license?

Yes. QL mobile is offered free of charge to all users of our Digital Signage Software platform. Try it today!

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