Making the most of gym Digital Signage at LIFETIME

LIFETIME was searching for a software solution to manage their gym & fitness centers' digital signage network. They are a luxury fitness resort operator. Life Time manages more than 3,000 endpoints and delivers more than 10,000 content combinations per week. The company selected Navori Labs and integration partner Affinitech to design and deploy a dynamic fitness center digital signage solution. The new platform needed to be cost-efficient and simple to operate without limiting network capabilities.

Making the most of gym Digital Signage at LIFETIME
Navori Labs has been a key partner in allowing us to incorporate digital signage to enhance member interactions in a dynamic and creative manner, without unncessary complexity. Navori QL software supports our ability to dynamically display thousands of unique classes, events, and appointments each day, improving the member experience over a robust, reliable and secure network."

Austin Runck

Digital Content Platform Administrator, Life Time

Software Requirements

  • A COLLABORATIVE CONTENT MANAGER. Life Time needed a single Digital Signage software able to satisfy every stakeholder: advertising, IT, marketing, and C-suite.
  • INTERACTIVITY. QL delivers enhanced interactive experiences for club members with support for automated content publishing and on-demand manual takeover.
  • CONTENT AUTOMATION. QL lets Life Time display thousands of unique classes, events, and appointments each day on digital screens and interactive kiosks. Obviously, the software integrates seamlessly with the company’s back-end systems.
  • SOPHISTICATED CONTENT PROGRAMMING. QL delivers complex programming to a range of endpoints.
  • ADVERTISING. QL’s built-in advertising platform supports national and local ad campaigns. Subsequently, this helps Life Time monetize its screen network by running a mix of local and national ad campaigns.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE RENDERING. QL supports 4K and 8K content across the organization’s video walls and floor-to-ceiling screens.
  • VIDEO STREAMING. QL delivers pre-scheduled and on-demand multicast video streaming.
  • RELIABLE. QL Server supports network load-balancing, server fail-over, and redundant SQL databases.
  • REPORTING. QL provides detailed proof-of-play reporting and analytics.
  • THIRD-PARTY APP INTEGRATION. Navori Labs used QL Server APIs to interface the platform with Life Time’s LT Connect application to show real-time heart rate data and fitness class sign-up details. Personal trainers use their digital tablets to manage the system from any location.
  • DIGITAL MENU BOARD. QL delivers dynamic menu board content for Life Spas. Screens display the list of available services and updated booking information.
  • SCALABILITY. QL’s open architecture supports future expansion. The software can be interfaced with third-party systems to display new types of data feeds including information from security systems and marketing analytics data.

About the End User and Navori’s Certified Integrator

Some information about the end customer and our partner at the initiative of this project


As a wellness pioneer, LIFETIME is reshaping the way consumers approach their health by integrating where we move, work and live – digitally and physically – all with the primary objective of helping people lead healthy, happy lives.

With more than 150 destinations in 41 major markets across the U.S. and Canada, LIFETIME operates luxury athletic resorts, owns and produces iconic athletic events and is expanding its brand though Life Time Work premium coworking spaces and LIFETIME Living high-end leased residences. For more information visit

About Affinitech

A leading national technology systems integrator, Affinitech builds world-class technology solutions that excite and engage, while making people safer and more productive, and businesses more successful. From design to installation to maintenance, we handle every step of the process—so your technology is seamless, easy to operate, and cost effective.

From business security systems and audio/video solutions to digital signage and professional services, Affinitech big-picture vision, insight, and experience delivers custom solutions that operationalize technology to benefit your business and customers. Our proven track record includes fully scalable systems that are easily standardized, replicated, and implemented across multiple site locations. We then monitor and maintain these solutions with industry-leading service so you can focus on what you do best—run your business.

Navori QL Modules Used for This Project

  • AAP-40 QL Core: Server On-Premise – Desktop and Mobile Content Manager, Multi-user with customizable roles – SSO, Template and Ticker Designer, Data Feed Manager XML, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Office 365 and Google Calendar and basic Monitoring
  • BAP-21 Insane performance rendering (IPR)module – 8K player engine (Windows 64 bits required)
  • AAP-41 Expert module including advanced monitoring and aggregated playback reporting
  • BAP-10 Advertising module– Digital-Out-of-Home / DOOH – Campaign Management Module
  • BAP-14 Multi media-player content synchronization module
  • ASR-02 Load balancing module – per additional IIS server
  • ASR-03 Microsoft Azure BLOB module
  • ASR-04 Server API module