Integrate QL Digital Signage Software with any 3rd party system

Integrate QL Digital Signage Software with any 3rd party system

In the fast-paced digital era, businesses aim to captivate audiences across platforms. Digital signage software offers engaging visual experiences. However, its true potential lies in seamless integration with other systems and data sources.

QL digital signage software unlocks this potential. It enhances the impact of digital signage and empowers businesses to leverage third-party systems and data sources. By merging hardware, software, and data, QL revolutionizes communication, delivering dynamic and personalized content in real-time.

QL Data Feed Manager

One of the key components that amplifies the integration capabilities of QL digital signage software is the QL Data Feed Manager. This powerful tool enables businesses to seamlessly connect and display real-time data from various sources on their digital signage screens. By integrating live weather updates, social media feeds, news headlines, stock market data, and internal databases, the QL Data Feed Manager ensures effortless synchronization of data with the signage content.

Consequently, organizations can deliver highly relevant and up-to-date information, creating engaging and personalized experiences. With the QL Data Feed Manager, businesses can stay in sync with the dynamic world around them, ensuring their digital signage remains informative and impactful.

Right out of the box, the Data Feed Manager natively supports various feed types, including RSS, XML, MRSS, Server Feed, Office 365 (Exchange Calendar), Google Calendar, Facebook, and Twitter.

If your third-party system can provide a URL to a live data feed in XML or RSS, you can immediately leverage the power of data-driven digital signage. Here are some examples of systems that contain data you should consider using with your digital signage software:

  • Company Intranet or CRM
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Conference Room Scheduling Systems
  • Existing Busines Tools (Outlook, Sharepoint, Team etc.)
  • Pricing Management Systems
  • Travel Information Systems
  • Corporate Websites
  • Cameras and Sensors

Live URLs, including URL authentication

Delivering relevant and up-to-date information is vital in digital signage. QL software understands the importance of incorporating live websites (via URLs) into the content mix.

With QL, businesses can seamlessly integrate URLs into their displays. This includes webpages, live website content, and external applications. QL software even allows the integration of authenticated URLs, ensuring secure display of private or sensitive information. This is especially useful for companies that use existing websites and online dashboards to convey information to employees and customers (e.g. PowerBI, Tableau etc.).

This opens up possibilities for showcasing interactive web content, accessing internal portals or dashboards, and displaying personalized information. QL digital signage software elevates the experience by leveraging URLs and authenticated URLs, enabling businesses to engage and inform viewers with relevant, dynamic, and secure content.

url authentication

The Navori Digital Signage API

The Navori QL Digital Signage API provides value and use cases for businesses to enhance their digital signage. Users can integrate the API with existing systems, enabling seamless data synchronization, automation, and customization.

The QL API is a web service that lets users access, manage, and customize Navori QL features. It allows for integration with any third-party system that cannot natively provide a live data feed that our Data Feed Manager (discussed above) can understand.

The API facilitates integration with third-party systems like CRM platforms, scheduling systems, and analytics tools. Integration with CRM enables targeted messaging based on customer profiles. Scheduling integration ensures timely content alignment, and analytics integration provides valuable insights.

Connecting QL to a database system enables automatic data updates and synchronization. This allows displaying product information, pricing, or inventory levels from the database on signage displays.

Overall, the Navori QL Digital Signage API empowers businesses to automate content, integrate real-time data, enable interactivity, and streamline management. It offers the tools to create engaging, dynamic, and personalized digital signage experiences.



In conclusion, integrating QL Digital Signage software with third-party systems brings numerous benefits and enhances the capabilities of your digital signage deployments. By leveraging APIs, content feeds, data sources, and database connectivity, you can automate content management, synchronize data, and deliver dynamic, relevant information to your audience.

Furthermore, integrating with scheduling systems, external triggers, and sensors adds interactivity and real-time responsiveness. Moreover, seamless integration with CRM platforms, analytics tools, and remote management systems provides centralized control, customization, and scalability. As a result, businesses can create engaging, personalized experiences while leveraging existing systems and maximizing the value of their digital signage investments.

About QL Digital Signage Software

QL Digital Signage Software, developed by Navori Labs, boasts a strong industry presence, with over 20 years on the market. Founded in 1997 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Navori Labs has continuously enhanced its digital signage solutions, leading to the development of the QL platform.

From the outset, QL Digital Signage Software aimed to provide a reliable and user-friendly solution for managing digital signage content. It revolutionized visual communication by enabling businesses to remotely manage and display content on multiple screens.

Over time, QL Software has undergone significant advancements to meet the evolving needs of businesses in various sectors. Notably, it has seen improvements in user interfaces, content management features, access control, and support for diverse content types and screens.

As a result, QL Digital Signage Software stands as a robust and cutting-edge solution for businesses seeking powerful and flexible digital signage capabilities. Its continuous development and expansion have solidified its position as a market leader in the industry.