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Integrate Navori Digital Signage Software with any 3rd party system

Incorporate Navori Digital Signage Software seamlessly with any third-party system

In today’s digital world, businesses need to grab people’s attention everywhere. Digital signage software is great for creating engaging visuals. But its real strength comes from working smoothly with other systems and data.

Navori digital signage software brings this strength to life. It makes digital signs even more impactful and allows businesses to use other systems and data easily. By combining hardware, software, and data, Navori changes the way we communicate, showing up-to-date and personalized content in a fun and effective way.

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Navori Data Feed Manager

One of the key components that amplifies the integration capabilities of Navori digital signage software is the Navori Data Feed Manager. This powerful tool enables businesses to seamlessly connect and screen real-time data from various sources on their digital signage screens. By integrating live weather updates, social media feeds, news headlines, stock market data, and internal databases, the Navori Data Feed Manager ensures effortless synchronization of data with the signage content.

As a result, organizations can share really useful and fresh info, making things interesting and personal. With the Navori Data Feed Manager, businesses can stay connected with the changing world, so their digital signs keep being helpful and cool.

The Data Feed Manager is ready to work with various types of feeds like RSS, XML, MRSS, Server Feed, Office 365 (Exchange Calendar), Google Calendar, Facebook, and Twitter, right from the start.

If another system can give you a web link with data in XML or RSS, you can easily use it to make your digital signs data-powered. Here are some examples of systems with data you might want to use with your digital sign software:

  • Company Intranet or CRM
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Conference Room Scheduling Systems
  • Existing Business Tools (Outlook, Sharepoint, Teams, etc.)
  • Pricing Management Systems
  • Travel Information Systems
  • Corporate Websites
  • Cameras and Sensors

Live URLs, including URL authentication

It’s important for digital signs to show up-to-date and useful information. Navori understands this and allows for including live websites directly in the content.

With Navori’s QL feature, businesses can easily display URLs on their screens. This means you can show webpages, live website content, and even external apps. Navori also offers the option to use authenticated URLs. This keeps private or sensitive information secure, which is great for businesses that share information with employees and customers through online dashboards (like PowerBI or Tableau).

This feature allows for showing interactive web content, accessing internal websites, and displaying personalized information. Navori digital signage software makes all this possible, helping businesses to engage and inform their viewers with content that is relevant, constantly updated, and secure.

The Navori Digital Signage API

The Navori Digital Signage API provides value and use cases for businesses to enhance their digital signage. Users can integrate the API with existing systems, enabling seamless data synchronization, automation, and customization.

The Navori API is a web service that lets users access, manage, and customize Navori features. It allows for integration with any third-party system that cannot natively provide a live live data that our Data Feed Manager (discussed above) can understand.

The API facilitates integration with third-party systems like CRM platforms, scheduling systems, and analytics tools. Integration with CRM enables targeted messaging based on customer profiles. Scheduling integration ensures timely content alignment, and analytics integration provides valuable insights.

Connecting Navori to a database system enables automatic data updates and synchronization. This allows displaying product information, pricing, or inventory levels from the database on signage displays.

Overall, the Navori Digital Signage API empowers businesses to automate content, integrate real-time data, enable interactivity, and streamline management. It offers the tools to create engaging, dynamic, and personalized digital signage experiences.


In conclusion, integrating Navori Digital Signage software with third-party systems brings numerous benefits and enhances the capabilities of your digital signage deployments. By leveraging APIs, content feeds, data sources, and database connectivity, you can automate content management, synchronize data, and deliver dynamic, relevant information to your audience.

Also, when you link up with scheduling systems, outside triggers, and sensors, things get interactive and react quickly. Plus, it works smoothly with CRM platforms, analytics tools, and remote control systems, giving you one place to manage, change, and grow. So, businesses can make fun and personal stuff while using the systems they already have and getting the most out of their digital signs.

Recommended Hardware

For seamless integration with Navori Digital Signage Software and optimal display performance, the recommended hardware solution for media players is the Navori Stix 3700. Engineered to complement Navori’s feature-rich software applications, the Stix 3700 offers unparalleled reliability and versatility in digital signage deployments. With its advanced processing capabilities and compact design, the Stix 3700 ensures smooth playback of multimedia content across multiple screens, enhancing the effectiveness of digital signage communication. Whether deployed in retail environments, corporate settings, or hospitality establishments, the Navori Stix 3700 provides the perfect hardware foundation for delivering dynamic and engaging visual experiences. Paired with Navori’s innovative software solutions, the Stix 3700 empowers businesses to captivate audiences, drive engagement, and achieve their digital signage objectives with ease.

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About Navori Digital Signage Software

Navori Digital Signage Software, created by Navori Labs, has been around for more than 20 years since its establishment in 1997 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Over these years, Navori Labs has been working on improving its digital signage solutions, which eventually led to the development of the Navori platform.

Right from the start, Navori Digital Signage Software aimed to offer a dependable and user-friendly way to manage digital signage content. It changed the game by allowing businesses to control and display content on multiple screens from afar.

As time passed, Navori Software went through big improvements to meet the changing needs of businesses across different industries. It got better interfaces, more features for managing content, improved access control, and the ability to work with various content types and screens.

Now, Navori Digital Signage Software is a robust and cutting-edge tool for businesses looking for strong and flexible digital signage capabilities. Its continuous development and growth have made it one of the leaders in the industry.