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Built-in features for integrating pos live data

Smart Menu Boards Driven by Your Point of Sale Systems

Integrating POS systems data in your digital menu board is changing how businesses work. Navori’s QL, makes this fusion smooth. Let’s see how Software uses content automation for better efficiency.

Identify the needs and pitfalls

Connecting Point of Sale (POS) systems with digital signage makes it much easier to update prices, product availability, and promotions in real-time. This ensures that what’s advertised matches what’s actually available for purchase, which is crucial for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

However, integrating these systems can sometimes be challenging, especially when dealing with technical issues like faulty middleware or connection problems. To address this, Navori software is expertly designed to handle such situations with resilience. If there’s a connection problem, the system stores and displays the most recent updates until the connection is restored, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.

Why integrating the Point-of-sales system into your Digital Signage?

Menu boards always display up-to-date information on prices, item availability, and promotions
Make sure your menu boards consistently show current prices, item availability, and promotions. Navori integration enables you to easily synchronize your POS data with your digital menu boards in real-time, ensuring that your customers always receive accurate and enticing menu choices.

Automatically syncing changes made in the POS system with the digital menu board
Any changes you make in your POS system will automatically show up on your digital menu board. Navori’s technology does this automatically, so you don’t have to update it by hand. This saves your team time and helps avoid mistakes.

Dynamic pricing adjustments and real-time promotion updates based on data from the POS system
With your POS system connected, you can change prices and promotions quickly, based on the latest data. This lets you react fast to changes in the market or what your customers want, helping you make more money.

Hide sold-out menus
Navori software enables you to automatically hide menus that are sold out or unavailable, preventing customers from ordering items that are no longer in stock. This not only improves the customer experience but also minimizes order errors and ensures inventory accuracy.

Leverage a centralized control over menu content
Navori software gives you centralized control over your menu content. You can seamlessly make changes and updates from one location, ensuring consistency across all your restaurant or retail locations. This centralized control simplifies menu management and ensures a unified brand image.

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Real-life Use Cases

Data Integration
The Navori CMS bridges your POS system with your digital menu board. It’s like having a smart assistant that keeps everything in sync. Imagine your menu items, prices, descriptions, and availability all automatically updating on your digital menu board. It’s a seamless connection that keeps your menu accurate and up-to-date, saving you time and hassle.

Software Configuration
Our user-friendly software gives you the power to define menu availability requirements effortlessly. You control the appearance of menus on the digital menu board, ensuring only relevant and currently available items reach your customers. This feature makes menu management more efficient, reduces errors, and improves the customer experience.

Set availability requirements for a menu to be displayed
You can set specific rules for displaying certain items, like promotional deals or upsell opportunities. These rules work off real-time data from your POS system. This means if the market shifts or customer preferences change, your menu reacts instantly. It’s great for spotlighting daily specials, pushing high-profit items, or even offering custom upsell suggestions. Your digital menu board becomes a dynamic tool, always aligned with your sales strategy.

Set rules to trigger promotional or upsell items on screen
Navori’s advanced software allows you to set dynamic rules that trigger promotional or upsell items on the screen, providing a tailored and responsive experience for your customers. Our software goes beyond the basics, offering real-time control and flexibility to drive sales and maximize revenue.

In conclusion

Navori empowers businesses in the foodservice industry through its comprehensive suite of digital signage solutions. As a result, these businesses can fully leverage the potential of digital menu boards. Our software seamlessly integrates with Point-of-Sale systems, allowing for dynamic pricing adjustments, real-time updates, and effective content management. Consequently, this approach establishes a highly responsive, customer-centric strategy that significantly enhances the overall dining experience and maximizes revenue.

Moreover, Navori equips businesses in the foodservice industry to stay competitive. They can not only deliver tailored promotions but also optimize sales and create a modern, engaging dining experience to keep customers returning. Ultimately, Navori transforms your digital menu boards into effective tools for growth and success, propelling your foodservice business to new heights.