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Built-in Features for Taxi

Taxis Use Digital Signage to Infotain and Geo-Advertise Passengers

Taxi digital signage offers targeted ads and local info, boosting passenger experience and taxi revenue

Identify the needs and pitfalls of taxi digital signage

Taxi digital signage provide a platform for targeted and location-specific content advertising, offering an additional revenue stream for taxi companies. Screens are also used to shows news updates, local events, or promotions, which can improve the overall passenger experience.

Pitfalls in taxi digital signage include electrical integration, and a CMS like Navori that can access to GPS current location to trigger location specific content, integrate programmatic and report impressions and audiences to the advertisers.

Why using Digital Signage in Taxis?

Location-based advertising
Harness the power of geolocation with Navori’s digital signage in taxis. Our technology allows for precise, location-based advertising, targeting passengers with relevant and timely content as they move through different areas. This method not only increases the effectiveness of advertisements but also enhances passenger experience by providing useful local information, such as nearby attractions, restaurants, and shops.

Infotain passengers
Transform your taxi rides into engaging journeys with Navori’s infotainment solutions. Provide passengers with a mix of entertainment and real-time information, including news, weather updates, and trivia. Our high-quality displays and dynamic content keep passengers entertained and informed, making their ride more enjoyable and leaving a lasting impression.

Allows taxi companies to generate additional revenues by selling advertising space
The Navori Advertising Campaign Manager  module lets you insert ads into your regular programming to optimize ad exposure. Simply select the target number of ad impressions. Our software’s algorithm automatically inserts each ad into your screen’s regular programming. Navori software also supports programmatic DOOH advertising.

Engage passengers with interactive content via touch screen
Elevate passenger interaction with touch screen digital signage. Our interactive software allow passengers to engage with content, from exploring local points of interest to participating in interactive ads. This not only enhances the passenger experience but also provides valuable engagement data to advertisers, helping them to tailor their content more effectively.

These features, provided by Navori’s advanced digital signage software, are designed to enhance the taxi experience for both passengers and operators. By offering location-based advertising, engaging infotainment, monetization opportunities, and interactive content, Navori is setting a new standard in the taxi industry.

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Real-life Use Cases

Navori’s software solutions are compatible with a wide range of hardware options, allowing taxi companies to choose the best displays for their specific needs. Whether it’s high-definition screens for vibrant advertising or rugged displays for durability, our software seamlessly integrates with various hardware to deliver outstanding performance in a taxi environment.

Our software excels in managing content over diverse connectivity scenarios. Navori’s robust platform ensures seamless content delivery and updates, regardless of the network environment. This means consistent, high-quality infotainment and advertising experiences for passengers, even on the go.

GPS or Location-Based Targeting
Leverage the power of location with Navori’s GPS-enabled content targeting. Our software can tailor advertising and informational content based on the taxi’s location, offering highly relevant and engaging experiences to passengers. This feature not only enhances the effectiveness of ads but also provides added value to the passenger experience.

Monitoring and Analytics
Navori’s software provides comprehensive monitoring and analytics capabilities. Gain insights into content performance, viewer engagement, and system health. This data is crucial for optimizing content strategies and ensuring the reliability of your digital signage network. Our intuitive analytics tools help taxi companies and advertisers make informed decisions, maximizing the impact of their digital signage investment.

In conclusion

In conclusion, Navori’s sophisticated digital signage software solutions offer a transformative approach for taxis, elevating the passenger experience through engaging infotainment and targeted geo-advertising. By integrating advanced hardware compatibility, seamless connectivity, precise GPS-based content targeting, and insightful monitoring and analytics, Navori empowers taxi companies to create captivating, personalized environments for their passengers. This not only enhances the ride experience but also opens up new revenue streams through dynamic and context-aware advertising.

Navori’s commitment to innovation and excellence in digital signage software makes it an ideal partner for taxi companies looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.