QL v2.7.5 Release Notes

ql release notes

Navori QL 2.7.5 is available for all SAAS and On-Premise users under a valid maintenance plan. We worked hard to bring even more innovation into our state-of-the-art platform.

QL On-premise software is now available in two product ranges: QL Professional and QL Essential. A single QL Server can even host both editions as long the associated players belong to a separate group or domain.

New features:

Reference New feature designation Platform
3304707478 HiveStack connection module to enable Programmatic DOOH campaigns. It is now possible to monetize part of your air time All supported platforms
3304677912 QL Player is now available for SONY BRAVIA professional displays. Please note before installation, it is necessary to apply a firmware patch via a USB key. Details are available in a FAQ with the Sony keyword Sony
3685632703 Ability to play content while streaming a separate audio stream from a single media player Windows / Android
3573354302 Compliance with ToucanToco BI dashboards Windows / Android
3429714972 Possibility of adding to a URL media based on its own media, which are its own, defined in its properties. This new feature can apply to the weather, with each player with personalized content according to their geography All supported platforms
3429714972 For web developers, each variable can now include a unique key, used in JS to recover data to display or take into account All supported platforms
2827394609 When you apply a filter on all the records of a data feed or configure content to display or trigger only if the conditions are met (Play If, Trigger If), we have added a new argument “DOES not contain “, in order to exclude records from the requirement All supported platforms
3100676748 The server feeds in data feed manager now supports up to 1500 lines All supported platforms
3685648573 In HTML media, the programmer can now, via the JavaScript API, access all the properties of a player All supported platforms
3304677710 Provision of a version of QL Player for mass installation and activation, remotely Windows
3585902507 Allow smart folders to stay open while browsing on Libraries All supported platforms
2827387845 Template Designer – Auto-save every one minute All supported platforms
3304705068 QL Server / Manager – New layer of security as per verification request All supported platforms
3974236117 On Samsung equipment, the HTTPS certificate provided by Samsung had expired. It has now been updated. Samsung products users must apply this new version 2.7.5 Samsung
3573344273 Webview update Stix 3700 – Vulnerability fixes StiX 3700

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Reference Issue Platform
3304545082 QL Server/Manager: Enhanced QL Manager Memory management in Designer Module. Memory leak fixed All supported platforms
3429524661 QL Server/Manager: Fixed QL Mobile Can not See Parent Group Playlists All supported platforms
3429712745 QL Server/Manager: Fixed Players go offline in the specific case of removing variable All supported platforms
3974189347 QL Server/Manager: Enhanced Media Publish size calculation All supported platforms
3585999170 QL Server/Manager: Fixed ADFS SSO User could not log in after upgrade from 2.2.6 All supported platforms
3974188519 QL Server/Manager: Enhanced Sharepoint content not showing authentication fields All supported platforms
3974187713 QL Server/Manager: Fixed 22817 color hex #502213 changes to #4e2512 All supported platforms
3974186783 QL Server/Manager: Enhanced Designer Thumbnail refresh after save All supported platforms
3573142039 QL Server/Manager: Fixed Tag Assignment duplicating to other players All supported platforms
3974185820 QL Server/Manager: Enhanced Drag drop cursor movement on Designer in 4K mode All supported platforms
3586065061 QL Server/Manager: Enhanced retrieving time for a screenshot All supported platforms
3585999170 QL Server/Manager: Enhanced Tizen Screenshot feature when a player is in portrait All supported platforms
3585902507 QL Server/Manager: In the media library, it is again possible to tag a media by sliding it into a smart folder. All supported platforms
3974226636 QL Player: Stix 3700 support for new certificates StiX 3700
3974228857 QL Player: BrightSign fixed the issue on PlayIf conditions Brightsign
3974231107 QL Player: Windows QL Player Trigger release fix Windows
3974231909 QL Player: Fixed Stix 3700 Video zone covering all the Template starting with a delay StiX 3700
3974232450 QL Player: Player API aligned to SOC.GetPlayerData() call returns an Object with multiple key/value properties StiX 3700
3429596369 QL Player: Node.JS on QL Player removed from the installer Windows
3429636665 QL Player: Fixed Stix 3500/3700 (2.7.3) audio from video inside Template fails to render StiX 3700
3586026145 QL Player: Fixed Storage path reverting after license change or update (Panasonic) StiX 3700
3573145763 QL Player: Enhanced playback for Brightsign devices in portrait mode Brightsign
3573137964 QL Player: 2.7.3 player failing to respect the enter/return in a text box Brightsign, Samsung, LG and Innes
3974234029 QL Player: Enhanced heavy-duty rendering on StiX 3700 whenever multiple advertising campaigns overlap filler content StiX 3700
3974234481 QL Player: Enhanced transitions between Video + Template with images zones for Samsung, LG, Brightsign, and Innes Brightsign, Samsung, LG and Innes
3304685118 QL Player: HTML content is not played correctly on DMB400 Innes
3429601029 QL Player: 2.7.3 Player going offline after removing a variable from player properties
3429636665 QL Player: 2.7.3 Audio from video inside Template fails unless you mute the Template – logic is flawed StiX 3700
3429628671 QL Player: Monitoring shows the player is playing a playlist but it’s on default media
3573368066 QL Player: Innes tab screen on/off Innes
3304568948 QL Player: HTML Playback is not possible on the client’s Stix 3700 With Certificate StiX 3700
3585968870 QL Player: Philips Android 8 – 2.7.3 –   horrendous playback Philips
3573368066 QL Player: Innes tab screen on/off Innes
4098324992 StiX 3700: New firmware to improve the resolution and sharpness of characters when distributing HTML5 content in native 4K desktop resolution StiX 3700

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