QL v2.7.3 Release Notes

Navori QL 2.7.3, our latest Digital Signage Software version, is available for all SAAS and On-Premise users under a valid maintenance plan. We worked hard to bring even more innovation into our state-of-the-art platform.

QL On-premise software is now available in two product ranges: QL Professional and QL Essential. A single QL Server can even host both editions as long the associated players belong to a separate group or domain.

New features:

QL Server / Manager Feature description
NF01 SSO – 2 Way Trust Management
NF02 SSO – JIT user provisioning, including authorization profiles
NF03 SSO – Custom domain URL for login page
NF05 QL Server Dashboard – additional languages supported
NF06 Template Designer – Extended support to 100+ data feed zones including lookups and data grids
NF06 HTML with 2 two-step authentication support
NF07 Tag Management – Extended support to thousand of tags management in CMS
NF08 Offline Players email notification now linked to Alert Profile disconnect time setting.
NF09 Added a 10 frames tolerance for advertising playlist slots
NF10 Search player function now supported on Firefox
NF11 Extended support to up to 26 concurrent scheduled playlists
QL Player Feature description
NF14 Advertising Module – Extended support to all players regardless of platform
NF15 SoC players – Support of 100+ data feed fields zones on playback for performant enough devices
NF16 Stix Player – HTML playback optimization
NF17 Innes Qeedji TAB10s support
NF18 Enhanced algorithm for file and folder structure within an HTML container
NF19 Synchronization support for multiple streaming videos
NF20 Android – Reduced playback screenshot latency
NF21 Tizen 6.5 – Support for portrait mode playback
NF22 Tizen 6.5 – Capped video playback at 30 FPS
NF23 Player API – Support GetPlayerData to retrieve player information
NF24 SoC and BrightSign – Optimized player synchronization
NF25 LG and Innes – Improved content download speed
QL API Functions Feature description
NF26 Added Set function for User
NF27 Added Delete function for User
NF28 Added Set function for Domain
NF29 Added Delete function for Domain
NF30 Added Get function for User Profile
NF31 Added Get function for Alert
NF32 Added Get function for Event
NF33 Added Get Player Data (for Api player)

Fixed in QL 2.7.3:

QL Server / Manager Issue resolved
BF01 Preview button disappearance from Scheduling Grid
BF02 Variable induced issue on template cut/paste between parent group and subgroup affecting data feeds
BF03 Program preview issue on subgroup creation with different time slots
BF04 Blank tag creation
BF05 Unreadable timestamp on server dashboard
BF06 Edit button hidden when checking override display control in player properties
BF07 Text Field alignment mismatch between designer and Tizen playback
BF08 On/Off switch not editable from Player Properties on Display Control override
BF09 “Does not contain data” operator interpretation of empty lines
BF10 Monitoring export to CSV shows random number instead of Time Stamp
BF11 Lag during export to CSV from Monitoring window due to the presence of a comma in any column
BF12 Duplication of screen on/off commands in Technical Profile
BF13 Message when moving players within same group
BF14 Issue on duplication of more than 10 schedules at a time
BF15 Missing analytic logs on exports
BF16 Split default groups for Professional and Essential licenses
BF17 Issue on program preview induced by an empty playlist in reorder mode
BF18 Template Designer freezer caused by an inaccessible xml feed
BF19 Monitoring not displaying a selection of more than 80 players
BF20 SoC and BrightSign – issue on feed refresh when a “contains data” condition is applied
BF21 Support RS232 in monitoring
QL Player Issue resolved
BF22 Tizen 4 and 6.5 – Default media on connection loss during the playback of XML data feeds
BF23 Windows – Out of sync data feed fields
BF24 SoC and BrightSign – Loss of data feed fields on display
BF25 Stix 3500 and 3700 – Conditional triggering issue on empty lines
QL API Issue resolved
AF01 Fixed the API call ContentTag to account for both Exclude and Include tags