Navori showcases QL Player for System-on-a-Chip Displays at ISE

Navori showcases QL Player for System-on-a-Chip Displays at ISE


Navori to introduce native QL player software for Samsung displays at ISE


Navori last year made waves in system-on-a-chip (SoC) development. Indeed, we are the first digital signage software supplier to deliver a native digital signage player built into Philips, Panasonic, and Elo displays. At ISE 2018 (February 6-9, Amsterdam RAI), Navori will unleash its next proprietary and high-performance SoC innovation. Specially designed and globally certified for Samsung Tizen smart displays at Stand 8-C390, and at the Samsung Display stand (F004-F005).

Samsung Tizen

Overall, the native Tizen OS software for Samsung displays extends the same SoC benefits of Navori’s integration with Samsung to a much broader customer base. It delivers an integrated digital signage player engine that minimizes cabling and equipment costs and lowers theft and vandalism risks. Finally, it eliminates third-party hardware installation headaches.

Web page authentication for password-protected page access

The latest Navori QL Player innovations that are new for ISE, include web page authentication for password-protected page access. Navori customers have assured a dynamic feature set that outperforms typical, rudimentary software-based SoC players. Standard Navori QL Player strengths carried over to the Samsung integration. They include a proprietary graphics engine and broadcast-quality content playback. In addition, it includes template and ticker support with multiple layers and transparency. Finally, player monitoring, proof-of-playback reporting, and automated software updates.

“2018 is the year where SoC displays will begin to dominate the digital signage market,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori. “These displays have proven popular with AV hardware-driven organizations from a cost and ease of deployment perspective. Undeniably, the lack of professional software and advanced features has proven less attractive to network operators. The momentum behind our SoC Tizen player innovation has encouraged further development between Navori engineers and display manufacturers that are now in process, including Sharp and BenQ. They bring the same professional features and performance to a larger customer base worldwide. We see many additional growth opportunities with Navori and SoC player development moving forward.”

Navori supports SoC-equipped Smart Displays

In addition to Samsung, Navori supports SoC-equipped Smart Displays from Panasonic (AF-1 Series), Philips (D Series and P and Q Series), and Elo (Touchscreen Signage). With any QL Player deployment, which is compatible with SaaS/cloud and on-premise installations provides network operators and end users several deployment options to best suit their needs. It includes minimal maintenance and training requirements thanks to QL Player’s trademark reliability, ease of use, and short learning curve.

New features and enhancements

Hence, Navori will announce new innovations for its globally-deployed QL digital signage engine in the coming weeks. It includes new features and enhancements for QL Server, QL Content Manager, and QL Player. The latter includes a Player software add-on capable of rendering for up to 16 displays from a single PC, each at 1080p with frame-accurate synchronization.

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