Improving Fan Engagement With Digital Signage for Stadiums and Arenas

Sports venues are always looking for ways to improve the fan experience and increase venue revenues. One way that is gaining popularity is through the use of digital signage screens. From baseball and football stadium signage to hockey and basketball arenas, Digital Signage delivers a better fan experience, all while increasing venue revenues.  

Improving Fan Engagement With Digital Signage for Stadiums and Arenas

Digital signage screens offer a variety of benefits for stadiums and other sports venues. Some of the benefits include:

1) Improved fan experience – Digital signage can be used to display information such as upcoming games, player stats, and food menus. This can help keep fans informed and engaged during the game.

2) Increased revenue opportunities – Digital signage can be used to promote sponsors, sell tickets, and promote merchandise. This can help increase revenue for the venue.

3) Enhanced communication – Digital signage can be used to communicate important information to fans, such as emergencies or weather alerts. This can help keep fans safe and informed.

How can arenas and stadiums do more with digital signage?

Control the entire fan experience at your events with:

You can do all this, and more on our single, unified stadium signage advertising platform.

Welcome VIP guests and deliver personalized messages on targeted screens. Manage your client’s advertising campaigns. Deliver real-time player and team statistics, sports scores, event notifications and more with QL software.

Event managers and authorized staff can trigger content and modify data feeds on-site in real-time from any smartphone or tablet using the QL Mobile app.

Use digital signage for stadiums to manage foot traffic and optimize exit routes in case of emergency at your stadium or facility. Interface with emergency systems to trigger instant notifications and direct the flow of people so they can get home safely.

bell center arena digital signage

Key features

  • The QL Data Feed Manager: Display information from any data source including RSS / XML, social media feeds from Facebook and Twitter, Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange.
  • The QL Content Manager UI is easy to learn and simple to use. This is a software your team will truly enjoy.
  • QL Player IPR (insane player rendering) is a 64-bit player software capable of powering an 8K video wall, or four clusters of 4K displays using a single Windows PC. IPR lets you play any content at extremely high resolutions – something particularly useful for sports.
  • QL is available in on-premise and cloud versions. Pick an option based on your business requirements.
  • The QL Template Designer allows you to create new layouts for any type of display using QL’s own template and ticker design tools. Build multi-zoned layouts, multi-display menu boards, and high impact video walls.


Overall, stadium signage offers a number of benefits for stadiums and other sports venues. It can help improve the fan experience while also providing additional revenue opportunities. It is an increasingly popular technology that is worth considering for your next sports venue project.

Frequently Asked questions

What is stadium digital signage used for?

Football stadium LED signs and sports arena digital signage can be deployed across entire facilities to engage, inform, and entertain fans. Quickly adapt your content (from branding to scores to interactive graphics) based on the type of event (sport, entertainment, concert etc.).

How do I know if stadium digital signage is a good option for my sports venue?

Stadiums and arenas big and small can benefit from strategically located displays to generate revenue and engage fans. Screens located in and near concession stands are used to display menus and ads. There are lots of great advertising opportunities throughout your typical stadium or arena, both inside and outside. From football to baseball and beyond, digital signage is essential to any sports venue.

What kind of content can I use for stadium display boards?

Stadium digital signage displays are used for advertising, information, branding, wayfinding, entertainment, and sales. Supported content types are videos, images, HTML5, live video streams and data feeds.

Where can stadium display boards be used?

Here are a few examples of signage used in sports venues:

  • Weatherproof LED signage on exterior pylons and building facades
  • Parking/elevator hall displays
  • Concourse level displays and signage
  • Lobby/entrance branding signage and video walls
  • VIP lounge displays
  • Restaurant/concession digital menu boards
  • Stadium balcony LED boards
  • Scoreboard LED boards