Digital Signage Solutions for BrightSign

QL Player for BrightSign Media Players

QL Player supports BrightSign’s 4K and HD digital signage media players. Navori QL player software can be easily installed on BrightSign XT, HD and LS players.

About BrightSign devices

Designed exclusively for digital signage, BrightSign’s purpose-built OS delivers superior capabilities with exceptional Full HD and true 4K HDR video quality with a dependable solid-state platform. BrightSign media players are well known for their high reliability and solid performance. Navori’a digital signage software for BrightSign helps existing networks integrate with any QL signage network so these devices can operate in a mixed hardware environment.

What does Navori QL Player for BrightSign offer?

By installing Navori QL Player on BrightSign media players, users gain access to a mature digital signage CMS that is renowned for its ease of use and professional features.  BrightSign devices can be added to any QL-powered network and managed with other media players running on a mix of Windows, Android, Samsung Tizen, and LG WebOS.

Navori’s digital signage software for BrightSign lets you display any QL supported content including:

  • Multi-layered / multi-zoned templates and tickers
  • Dynamic data feeds
  • AI-triggered content

What are the advantages of using QL Player for BrightSign?

QL Player for BrightSign retains access to the BrightSign app ecosystem, ensuring that existing users don’t lose access to the critical device remote control, network management, and monitoring features. Best of all, users work from a single, unified user interface regardless of the device or operating system running the displays. This unified approach simplifies user training, technical support, and device deployment.

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QL Player feature Brightsign XT Brightsign HD Brightsign LS
Native playback resolution 3840*2160 pixels 1920*1080 pixels 1920*1080 pixels
Easy setup, less than 1 minute
Portrait orientation
Pixel perfect for LED displays
Display control Screen on/off ✓CEC ✓CEC ✓CEC
Full featured QL player software
Full screen playback of any content
Sophisticated templates multi-zone, multi-object
Mobile control
Smart content automation
Multi-player synchronization
Automated player software upgrade


Models XT, XD, HD and LS lines
RAM Up to 2To
Storage SD
Networking HTTPS any port