Why you should use our digital signage API for your next project

Why you should use our digital signage API for your next project

Navori Labs offers QL APIs to simplify Machine to Machine (M2M) integration. This lets businesses automate their processes and create “smart digital signage” applications. Code developed using our digital signage APIs let you bypass the Content Manager UI. Interface directly with QL Server to perform large scale operations without any manual intervention.

Our digital signage API lets users bypass the software’s UI so they can manage their screen programming using their third-party software. Navori Labs’ proprietary API lets you directly control features that end-users access using the software’s UI.

Use our API to connect your digital signs to business databases and software applications and retain full control over the CMS. Use it to automate digital signage processes or build a full-service application on top of QL. Perform repetitive tasks more efficiently and faster than end-users could via the QL user interface.

Developers can use our digital signage API calls to make screens respond to any business need. They can even access features that aren’t visible from the software’s UI.

How it works

The digital signage API challenge

Most companies rely on well-established business systems to streamline and automate their daily operations. Businesses use ERP, CRM, and other types of operational analytics systems to gather critical data. These same businesses can leverage this data for their digital signage platform.

Quick service restaurant chains can tap into their POS systems to display live products and pricing. Menus update themselves automatically based on stocking levels. This way, overstock items are automatically promoted and out of stock items are removed instantly without any user involvement.

Businesses use API calls to retrieve live KPI metrics and performance data for distribution across their office’s digital signage screens. Third-party software can pre-tag content ensuring each screen will only show the correct information. For example, customer-facing screens will display content promoting the company while screen facing staff members can show HR information.

Retail store chains connect QL Server to their store databases to ensure the latest promotions are updated in real-time. In-house developed code uses digital signage API calls to automatically update product photography or other corporate data.

Advertising network operators can interface QL Server with their proprietary ad-booking systems to automate the ad provisioning process. Advertising management is a resource intensive process so automation saves time and improves your ROI.

The QL Software Solution

Navori Labs’ Server API gives software developers access to every QL Server feature. They can bypass the software’s UI to perform automated tasks. It lets them build custom interfaces both from the server and client side. The QL Server digital signage API uses the HTTP protocol so developers can use their preferred programming language and tools.

Our API is based on the Representational State Transfer (REST) protocol and uses the JSON model for all transactions.

The QL digital signage software Server API is a web service that lets developers access, manage and customize our software’ using their own code. It’s important to note developers can also interface QL with third-party applications using our API.

Extend our software platform by integrating it with your existing content, hardware management and analytics tools. Gain economies of scale as you perform massive content updates without any user interaction.

Third-party API integration is increasingly used in:

  • Corporate offices
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Convention centers
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Quick service restaurants
  • Public transportation

The QL Server’s digital signage software API lets you easily integrate our software for these applications, and many others.

The QL digital signage API lets you…

  • Turn screens on or off.
  • Add new content to your library without any user interaction. You can even add new templates or update data feeds for fully automated content delivery.
  • Automate QL Player status reporting in real-time. Know which content they are playing and their technical status without any manual intervention.
  • Create periodic content playback reports that include detailed statistics (number of impressions, audience composition with demographic attributes).
  • Automatically create new user accounts and player domains.
  • Trigger predefined content and playlists from third-party software applications or external events.

What advantages do APIs bring to large digital signage network operators?

Digital signage network operators use our API to replace or customize the software’s user interface. They rely on our platform and implement their own customized user interface.

While QL remains a fully-featured professional digital signage software, our API lets anyone develop additional features. Developers can also personalize our software for uses that aren’t currently accessible in the UI. Network operators can respond to new business opportunities confident they won’t lose a project because their software lacks important features.

QL is a general-purpose digital signage software suitable for most commercial and industrial applications. Resellers who focus on specific industries and solutions outside of digital signage can use our API to easily integrate the solution.

Why not write your own CMS software?

There are many reasons why you should use APIs to improve existing solutions rather than writing your own software from scratch.

First, you get a product that has benefited from constant improvements since 1997. QL has published content to millions of screens worldwide with more screens being added every day. It’s a bit like buying an engine from an automotive engineering firm when you’re building a race car.

Next, you will save a lot of time. You can integrate QL with other software and build a professional solution unique to your type of business in hours.

Lastly, QL is highly adaptable. Connect it to third-party software and automate certain processes while end-users rely on QL’s desktop and mobile UIs. It’s also important to note that using the API does not impede any of the software’s standard features. When you use the API, you are simply adding new features to our software.

Is the QL digital signage API compatible with all media player hardware platforms?

One advantage of QL is its compatibility with all types of media player hardware. The same features are available across all hardware platforms:

  • Windows PCs
  • Android devices
  • System-on-chip displays from:
  • Proprietary media players from:
    • BrightSign
    • Innes, and others.

Which coding languages are compatible with QL’s digital signage API?

You can use JavaScript, PHP, Java, Python, and C#.

Does Navori labs offer support for software developers looking to use the API?

Customers who sign up for a support agreement can access the company’s technical services. When required, Navori can also develop new features unique to the customer.