Supported Content and Data feeds

Navori QL supports all popular content formats without any conversion, according to each hardware platform’s capabilities. This includes static, streaming, dynamic content and a wide range of data feeds. Refer to the table below for details.

Type Format Windows Samsung SSSP 4, 5, 6 LG Web-OS 4 Google Android Brightsign
Video Full HD – MP4 H264 @30FPS – @60FPS ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓
Video 4K – MP4 H265 @30FPS – @60FPS ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓ ✓ – ✓
Image PNG with transparency, JPG, BMP
Audio MP3 max bit rate 256 kbps
Template – Ticker
Designer to build templates, multi-layer, multiple media zones, playlists, add data feeds (incl. social media) and data-grids
HTML5, interactivity and authentication supported. Plays URLs and download-and-play HTML5 content
Streaming Unicast: HTTP H264 video streams, HTTPS, mms2, RTSP. Multicast: UDP, with H264 codecs @1080P Http Exclusively Http Exclusively Http Exclusively Http Exclusively
Youtube Full screen – Auto Play
Data Feeds
Media RSS, XML, Navori QL hosted data feeds including images, Office 365 and Google calendar, Facebook and Twitter