Keep Visitors Safe in the Event of a Pandemic Using Digital Signage

Navori Labs’ QL digital signage software is recognized as the most reliable, interoperable, and user-friendly platform on the market. QL Access Control is the company’s latest software add-on that lets you monitor and control visitor traffic at each point of entry.

Count, Screen, Guide your Visitors:
  • Detect Face Masks
  • Monitor Multiple Entry Points Simultaneously
  • Set Adjustable Occupancy Rules and Flexible Instructions

Keep Visitors Safe in the Event of a Pandemic Using Digital Signage

Regulate walk-in traffic and enforce face mask use with Navori Access Control

The Health and Safety Challenge

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has emphasized the need for a robust access control system to help manage access to public spaces and retail stores while enforcing both maximum location capacity and face mask wearing. This is where QL Access Control comes into play.

The QL Digital Signage Software Solution

QL Access control is an optional module for the Navori QL Digital Signage software. Each entrance is equipped with an IP or USB camera and a screen providing instructions to visitors. Access Control solution analyses the video stream produced by the camera in real-time to determine the number of visitors inside, this by detecting entries and exits. The screen in front of incoming visitors indicates whether they can enter and if not, how long they have to wait. The wearing of the mask is also verified, if the mask is not worn, Navori QL will display a message prohibiting inbound visitor’s entry.

Safeguard your business with QL’s security access control system

  • Comply with local health and safety regulations
  • Optimize your ROI
  • Enhance the customer’s experience
  • Reduce your security costs and provide an enhanced level of security with QL

Our proprietary video-tracking technology offers businesses a simple and cost-efficient traffic management solution:

Measure occupancy in & waiting time liveAccess Control Display - MEASURE OCCUPANCY IN REAL TIME

By counting the number of people entering and exiting, you always know :
• the number of occupants so you can comply with health and safety regulations.
• the Expected waiting time with the number of places available indicator in the next five minutes

Personalize your message

Take advantage of the data provided by QL’s security access systems to reduce your audience’s wait times and improve their experience by displaying entertaining and engaging content, such as live social media feeds, audio, RSS/XML data and calendar events – with no programming required! Use QL’s own Template Designer to deliver personalized messages, brand-enhancing content, promotions and health & safety recommendations.

Monitor multiple entry and exit points simultaneously

QL’s Access Controller lets you monitor multiple entry/exit points, so your occupancy metrics are always accurate. No one is granted access  without your knowledge.

Detect if visitors are wearing a face mask

Man wearing a mask and a stop iconQL Access Control uses computer vision analysis to detect if a visitor is wearing a mask. The software accurately detects face masks of any color, shape, or fabric pattern, making this one of the best access control models available.

Easily create your own occupancy rules

Define occupancy rules based on the number of people allowed, the coverage area or mandated security and sanitary requirements, including face mask compliance. Create your own security and access control rules with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Inform your visitors at each entry point

Access Control Display - INFORM YOUR VISITORS AT EACH ENTRY POINTQL’s Access Control systems are completely integrated digital signage solutions that support any TV or digital signage screen. Use real-time occupancy metrics to inform visitors at the point of entry:

  • Display occupancy information
  • Provide clear instructions, such as: “Enter,” “Wait,” “Stop,” “Face Mask Required,” and more
  • Control access and manage queues more efficiently

Respects the public’s privacy

QL Access Control does not identify individuals nor store any data resulting from face recognition. It was made at 100% by Navori R&D and is guaranteed 100% anonymous. It complies with GDPR standards.

Supports all types of security cameras

Is your site already equipped with video security cameras to monitor entrances and exits? Then you’re all set. QL Access Control works with all IP and USB cameras. See the technical requirement table below

Technical requirements

QL Access Control requires the following:

1. a Navori QL 2.2.5 Professional digital signage software licence (cloud or on premise version)
2. a regular computer
3. an IP or USB camera
4. a TV or digital display

1.Digital signage software:

SKU ADD-ON DESIGNATION DESCRIPTION Cloud Professional On Premise Professional
BAP-17 QL Control Access Monitors location occupancy with face mask detection



Operating System Windows 10
CPU Intel Core i5
GPU DirectX compatible graphics card
VPU AI Core X: Edge Computing Module with Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X VPU, 1 x Intel®
NETWORKING HTTPS (any port – user-customizable)



USB Camera IP Camera
Resolution 1080p / 2160p depending on requirements.
Note: Logitech cameras are not supported.
Minimum FPS 10 10
Streaming RTSP
Recommended viewing angle 180° FOV of at least 75±5° 180° FOV of at least 75±5°
Sensitivity at least 4.0V/(lux • s) at least 4.0V/(lux • s)
Sharpness at least 1000LW/PH at least 1000LW/PH
Built in encoding h.264 h.264


Selecting a lens :
The following specifications are based on standard light conditions, camera located at eye-level on an OTS field of vision less than 5 meters away from a passer-by:

  • Object distance 10cm to infinity
  • F-number of 3.0
  • Focal length of 4.3mm

Camera specifications may need to be adjusted depending on actual light conditions, camera angles, distance from people, etc.

4. A video screen or kiosk
Compatible with any digital display, TV screen or kiosk display.

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