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Tallinna Kaubamaja department store retail digital signage

The Navori software provides an enterprise-level solution to schedule, manage, target and monitor content across the various screens and locations. The Navori CMS makes the entire solution unique because it enables management and monitoring of every screen from one place: The entire solution makes the implementation of strategic and comprehensive marketing campaigns much easier than before.

What were the project’s software requirements?

Kaubamaya was looking for a Digital signage software to manage their targeted promotions and branding content. They also wanted to power interactive screens in selected zones across their retail store network.

  • INTERACTIVE– Navori lets shoppers interact with touch screens or sensors. Screens screen a predetermined program when no one is interacting with the application.
  • FLEXIBLE PROGRAMMING– Client can create programs that are common to one or all stores with specific content for each department.
  • ADVERTISING– Client can create advertising campaigns and manage ad distribution using tags. Production of playback reporting for advertisers.
  • USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE– Navori features a simple and intuitive user interface that our marketing and decoration department staff members can use from our head office and inside the stores.
  • HIGH-DEFINITION CONTENT RENDERING- Digital signage player software that can screen 4K content.
  • MULTI-TENANT- Content management is carried out by each department, each store and at head office. Everyone can collaborate.

What are the benefits of digital signage in retail?

Digital signage software is a proven communication medium that has become essential for retailers and brand owners.

Retailers like Tallinna Kaubamaja Group rely on digital signage screens to reach and influence shoppers at the point of decision. Hence, the goal is to engage visitors as they make their way through the store. Specifically targeted content is shown in high-traffic areas to ensure shoppers are well informed about the latest store promotions and programs.

Undeniably, Navori Labs’ Navori software offers several features that are of special interest to retailers and brand owners who want to enhance their digital signage and retail operations. For example, the software supports a large number of digital standalone player devices, including Windows PCs, Android devices and System-on-Chip screens.

Navori includes a built-in advertising campaign management tool retailers use to program ads without leaving the app. Staff members select the ads they want to publish and assign impression targets. The software takes care of the rest, inserting the ads into the company’s programming without any additional interaction.

Navori benefits list

Navori is a true retail digital signage software that supports tags, validity periods, live data feeds, and rule-based content playback.

  • Staff members can tag content so it will only play in specific locations or on specific screens. Secondly, show corporate content on employee-facing screens while promotions are shown on the sales floor. Finally, reduce human error and simplify content management tasks.
  • Content can be assigned one or more validity periods to ensure it will only be shown on specific days or at specific times. Therefore, ads and promotions can be pre-loaded weeks, even months in advance and content stops being shown when promotions expire.
  • Navori can screen any data feed, including point-of-sale and business intelligence data. Always screen the right prices and product information. Reduce costly markdowns.
  • Company staff can create simple rules that define when content can be shown on screen. This is ideal for promotional content. Only show ads for items that are in stock or remove items that are sold out without any staff involvement. Trigger promotions based on the viewer’s demographic profile and show products that appeal to the customer. Automate your content and increase sales.

About Tallina Kaubamaya Group

Tallinna Kaubamaja Group mostly operates in the retail and wholesale trade.

The Group contributes more than one tenth of Estonia’s retail sales and employs more than 3,500 people. The Group owns several well-known brands: Kaubamaja, Selver, Selveri K, Tartu Kaubamaja Centre, Viking Motors, KIA, ABC King, SHU, I.L.U., and Viking Security.

About Hansab

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Hansab offers the best-integrated solutions and products to make its client’s businesses more effective and secure. The company offers a comprehensive product portfolio that includes automation, security, cash handling, and finance systems.

Navori Modules Used for This Project:

  • AAP-40 Navori Core: Server On-Premise – Desktop and Mobile Content Manager, Multi-user with customizable roles – SSO, Template and Ticker Designer, Data Feed Manager XML, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Office 365 and Google Calendar and basic Monitoring
  • AAP-41 Expert module including advanced monitoring and aggregated playback reporting
  • BAP-10 Advertising module – Digital-Out-of-Home / DooH – Campaign Management Module
  • BAP-21 Insane performance rendering (IPR) module – 8K player engine (Windows 64 bits required)
  • HW-03 Stix 3500 series – 4k external media player. Android. Three years warranty