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Navori App for Stadiums and Arenas Digital Signage at Bell Centre

The ability to customize Navori to support advanced audio and data needs has also provided exceptional value – not to mention its reliability in scheduling and disseminating advertising content to accelerate our return on investment. They also provide exceptional support, both from their North American office in Montreal, as well as their Switzerland headquarters. They have been more than a supplier; they have been an excellent partner.

Navori Digital Signage for stadiums and arenas at Bell Centre

Bell Centre Software Requirements

Bell Centre needed stadium signage advertising software that could meet every technical challenge:

  • PROFESSIONAL, HIGH-DEFINITION CONTENT RENDERING. Dynamic high-resolution video, animation, graphics, live streaming, and rich data are rendered on hundreds of stadium screen boards of varying sizes, orientations, and resolutions.
  • RICH TEMPLATE DESIGNER. Navori gives content creators and designers the freedom and flexibility to create and deploy content-driven experiences.
  • MULTI-TENANT. Navori supports multiple users with varying layers of access. Custom user profiles define what staff members can access, what they can do, and which notifications they can receive.
  • MULTI-PLATFORM. Navori natively supports multiple standalone player hardware devices running on different operating systems. It is a single, centralized system staff members use to manage concourse displays, concession digital menu boards, indoor and outdoor LCD displays, and video walls.
  • INTENSIVE USE OF QL’S API. Navori uses an open architecture that allows for API-driven customizations and automation.

Further requirements

  • ADVERTISING/ DOOH. Navori has all the features Bell Centre needs to manage its ad sales and bookings. Moreover, it offers ad campaign management, and staff can meet the advertiser’s required impression targets. Certainly, the software delivers accurate proof of play statistics and can be interfaced with programmatic advertising booking systems.
  • CONTENT AUTOMATION. Navori supports instant content triggering during regular programming and special events. It’s an intuitive solution that Bell Centre staff can rely on to manage their concession stands digital menu boards. Staff members publish rich menu content with images, and promotional videos, and can also affect price changes on-demand.
  • ON-PREMISE BACKEND HOSTING. Navori is a centralized, self-hosted digital signage software platform that can be managed by Bell Centre administrative staff. The software requires minimal IT supervision.
  • EMERGENCY ALERTS. Navori lets Bell Centre staff create “message on hold” programs that play audio clips related to venue events, guest security, and visitor information. Navori also controls the venue’s standalone box office sound system and audio messaging throughout the arena’s concourse.

About Bell Centre

Located in downtown Montreal, and with a capacity of 21,273 seats, Bell Centre is the largest North American hockey arena. It’s also one of the most technologically advanced and versatile event venues in the world. Bell Centre is home to the legendary Montreal Canadiens Hockey Club and is the headquarters for the Montreal-based promoter, Evenko.

Navori Software Modules Used

  • AAP-40 Navori Core: Server On-Premise – Desktop and Mobile Content Manager, Multi-user with customizable roles – SSO, Template and Ticker Designer, Data Feed Manager XML, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Office 365 and Google Calendar and basic Monitoring
  • ASR-02 Load balancing module – per additional IIS server
  • ASR-03 Microsoft Azure BLOB module
  • ASR-04 Server API module
  • AAP-41 Expert module including advanced monitoring and aggregated playback reporting
  • BAP-10 Advertising module– Digital-Out-of-Home / DooH – Campaign Management Module
  • BAP-14 Multi media-player content synchronization module
  • BAP-21 Insane performance rendering (IPR)module – 8K player engine (Windows 64 bits required)
  • HW-03 Stix 3500series – 4k external media player. Android. Three years warranty
  • Navori Digital Signage Software