Use Android Digital Signage Devices for Your Next Project

Use Android Digital Signage Devices for Your Next Project

Navori QL Player runs natively on Android media players including SoC displays, tablets, mobile and external digital signage players.  QL Player for Android supports every QL CMS feature available and is the most reliable media player software of its kind.

Back in 2015, Navori pioneered the first native Android digital signage software player software.  From the very beginning, QL Player for Android media players has supported every QL CMS feature and outperformed every other media player software. QL Player for Android has benefited from continuous improvements and enhancements, making it the most innovative and reliable digital signage player software available.

Why use Android for digital signage?

Android is a well-known operating system that rivals Microsoft Windows. It has native content delivery capabilities, meaning its performance and features are similar, or even slightly better than what you would experience from a Windows based PC. Android is by far the best operating system for digital signage running on System-on-Chip (SoC) and external media player devices. Unlike Chrome OS, Tizen or WebOS, Android digital signage supports ultra-powerful native applications and gives software publishers full control over the operating system and hardware components.

Large organizations already manage employees’ Android devices using mobile device management software and device certification.

  • The CMS software publisher is in full control, from software design to post installation updates.
  • Navori has designed its own Android digital signage player: The QL Stix 3700. This nano media player broadcasts content in 4K with full QL CMS feature support.
  • Philips, Elo, Sony, Sharp and many other well-known screen manufacturers use Android on SoC. Navori has compiled a customized (for each brand) version of QL Player software for Android Digital Signage that includes screen control and on-board diagnostics.

Android’s limits in relation to digital signage:

  • It doesn’t offer multi-screen support
  • Each manufacturer customizes the operating system so it must be specifically designed for this specific use. For example, the player software must have full system rights so it can reboot the device, update the software remotely and control of the screen.

About Google Android

Android runs on ARM processors, which consume 8 to 10 times less electricity than a typical PC. This operating system is stable and secure, with native 3G / 4G / 5G support, VPN and proxy with authentication.

Android currently powers millions of game consoles, smartphones, tablets, portable media players and “smart” devices like system on chip TVs and other consumer electronics. It’s extremely reliable and efficient, making it especially well-suited for digital signage.

About Navori Labs

  • Digital signage software developer since 1997.
  • 100% of the company’s software development is performed in-house.
  • QL Player for Android powers hundreds of thousand displays globally.