Why is Android OS a Good Choice for Your Digital Signage Needs?

Why is Android OS a Good Choice for Your Digital Signage Needs?

Google Android is a mobile operating system that has been around since 2008. Since then, it has dominated the market and currently represents 70% of all mobile operating systems worldwide. For those who don’t know, Android is free and open-source software that is based on a modified version of the Linux operating system.

Android currently powers millions of game consoles, smartphones, tablets, portable media players and “smart” devices like TVs and other consumer electronics. It’s extremely reliable and efficient, making it especially well-suited for digital signage. For example, Android supports portrait and landscape screen orientations, Wi-Fi and multitasking right out of the box.

Android also provides access to a vast app library where users can find software for remote device support and maintenance via third-party software.


Up until Android’s introduction, Microsoft Windows dominated the digital signage landscape, in large part due to the common use of PC hardware as media players. While Windows is still dominant in multi-screen, single player applications, its share of the digital signage market has shrunk significantly. The reasons behind this shift are higher OS licensing, support and PC hardware costs.

Android media player has other advantages over Windows PCs. Android devices are physically smaller so they can be hidden behind a screen, and they can be powered via any available USB port.

Early on, Navori Labs realized Android’s potential so it created its own Android media player software. Navori QL Player is proprietary software that can be installed on a range of devices, including Navori’s own QL Stix media player for Android.

While some digital signage media player devices are based on consumer-grade components, QL Stix media players are engineered for the most demanding professional digital signage applications that require constant 24/7 operation.

QL Player for Android is affordable, easy to deploy, requires minimal support and delivers professional results. It is fully compatible with Navori QL Content Manager which lets users access their player network from any location via an intuitive HTML5 user interface.