Save on energy costs with QL’s hardware management features

Save on energy costs with QL’s hardware management features

Europe is currently in the middle of an energy crisis, with many countries facing power shortages and increased energy costs. In response, businesses are increasingly looking for solutions that will let them take control of their energy usage. For example, turning off appliances when they’re not being used, conserving energy by turning down thermostats, and making sure electronic devices are turned off outside business hours.

LED billboards in focus across Europe

In Europe, the debate over turning off digital advertising displays to save energy has spread to Ireland. Sinn Fein Senator Lynn Boylan has called for the Irish government to restrict LED billboard operating hours. This is to reduce energy demand during peak demand periods. Senator Boylan goes on to suggest the large LED advertising displays deployed in and around Dublin can consume as much energy in a year as 33 Irish households.

Facing the same energy supply issues seen across Europe and the UK, Electric Ireland has recently raised its energy prices. As fall and winter approach, Switzerland has joined Germany and Spain in implementing measures to reduce the energy consumption of digital display. This action comes as Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine impacts the energy supply, prompting countries to seek ways to mitigate potential energy shortages. By taking such steps, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain aim to address the challenges posed by the current geopolitical situation while also promoting energy conservation and sustainable practices in the use of digital displays.

In response, OSTRAL (Organization for Power Supply in Extraordinary Situations) proposes the Federal Council issue bans and restrictions on energy-intensive and non-essential devices as part of a management decree.

Switzerland’s out-of-home advertising industry is working to prevent the adoption of potentially drastic measures by suggesting voluntary programs aimed at curbing energy consumption. For example, the members of the Association of Outdoor Advertising Switzerland (AWS) have committed to switching off their DooH displays for one hour longer than currently mandated to reduce their energy consumption by an additional 5 to 7 percent.

What now?

As digital billboards become increasingly popular, some European countries are looking to save energy by regulating their hours of operation. Due to the significant energy consumption of LED displays, businesses are increasingly recognizing the need to take measures in order to reduce energy usage. With the continuous rise in electricity costs, turning off digital signage screens and media players overnight or outside of operating hours has emerged as a viable solution for many businesses to achieve their energy-saving objectives. By implementing such practices, businesses can effectively curb energy consumption and contribute to cost savings while minimizing their environmental impact.

Navori has the tools you need to conserver energy intelligently

Navori QL offers several features that make it easy to turn your screens on/off remotely and automatically. This helps you efficiently save energy. Our powerful content management system (CMS) lets you create your own on/off schedules. They are compatible with all media players and SoC display platforms that QL supports. You can use this feature to make sure your displays are only turned on when needed. You can also use QL Manager to create “blackout” periods where all screens are turned off for a specific duration. This is ideal when energy demand is high, or when you want to make sure your screens are not running when no one’s around.

screen control

Managers and staff members can also control their screens on the fly using QL mobile from their favorite mobile devices. With this efficient and user-friendly web app, you have the ability to instantly take control of one or multiple screens. Whether you need to power them on or off, the app gives you the flexibility to do so at any time. Its intuitive interface makes managing screens a breeze, providing you with a seamless control over their operation. QL Mobile is designed for non-desk employees and mobile staff who need a simple way to update content and manage their screens and players, but don’t have regular access to a desktop computer.

Navori’s QL software also supports the CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) standard so you can control any connected device remotely. This technology lets up to 15 CEC enabled devices communicate and control each other without any user intervention.

QL’s RS-232 compatibility ensures our software will work with any existing hardware infrastructure. The RS-232 standard introduced in 1960 enables the serial transmission of data between devices.


Computer Vision provides key decision-making data

Aquaji, our AI-enhanced camera-based analytics platform uses computer vision to generate accurate audience metrics. These metrics offer great insight into the times of day when your advertising displays have their largest audiences. Use this data to intelligently create the optimal power schedule for your digital signage devices and displays.

The data will always tell the story, use it to optimize your digital signage operations and overall power consumption.

Aquaji Marketing Insight Software

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