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Using Marketing Analytics Tools To Improve Your Business

1 March 2021
It’s hard to compete when you don’t have a good picture of your day-to-day operations. Growing your business is all about understanding trends and knowing how your customers behave while they are shopping in your stores. This is where marketing… Read More »

Improving Customer Service Using Marketing Analytics

24 February 2021
Retail store executives are always looking to improve customer service, especially in highly competitive retail environments because consumers have many options, from convenient e-commerce shopping to warehouse stores that compete mostly on price. Marketing analytics tools offer several methods retailers… Read More »

Using Aquaji To Improve Your Dooh Campaigns

8 January 2021
Aquaji is Navori Labs’ latest software that combines AI with computer vision to deliver more effective Digital-out-of-Home advertising campaign metrics. While there are other marketing analytics solutions on the market, Navori Labs takes a different approach to provide deeper and… Read More »

Omnichannel Strategy – Getting More Out of In-Store

17 December 2020
Marketing analytics and AI are essential to building and maintaining a successful omnichannel strategy. Organizations have worked hard to close the gap between each shopper’s interaction with their brands, both online and in physical stores. Prior to the pandemic, e-commerce… Read More »

How Retailers Can Benefit From Aquaji’s In-Store Marketing Analytics For Digital Signage

23 November 2020
Retailers and shopping mall operators understand the value of digital signage. While most stores have long deployed digital signage screens, there have been concerns about the additional workload in keeping screen content fresh and attractive. Presenting new and relevant messaging… Read More »


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