QL Server Security Certifications

Every version of QL Software is security certified by a renowned third-party company. Navori uses state-of-the-art tools like Windows Communication foundation framework for its software development.  This ensures interoperability, multiple message patterns, service metadata, data contracts, multiple transports and encoding, and reliable queued messages. The work of generating and reading Web Services – Security-compliant SOAP headers is done by a set of filters and hosted on IIS serversIncoming messages are passed through a series of these input filters, modified if necessary, and then generates a related set of programming objects. Outgoing messages pass through a set of output filters that serialize certain headers as defined programmatically by the Web service objects.

These protocols include the following:

  • Digital Signatures
  • Data Encryption
  • Encrypted sign-in with username tokens

Data and message structure are fully protected by means of our own encryption and asymmetric algorithm at the transport and store level.