QL Player Professional Software

Sophisticated Rendering on any Screen or Device

QL Player is a professional software based on technologies originally developed for high-end video games. It is 100% proprietary and certified to run on All-in-one, digital and LED displaystablet and most hardware with the same performance and features regardless of platform.

QL Player Professional for Any Screen

Create Once, Publish Anywhere

QL Software is fully interoperable with all display brands and screen layouts

Use a single technology with professional performances and features, no matter the display layout and brand. QL Player can render extra high-resolution content down to tablets or mobile devices with no feature or quality limitations.

Display Content on Any Screens, Anywhere
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Multi-Player, Multi-Platform Synchronization

QL Player synchronizes content on multiple digital signage players, regardless of platform.

Our proprietary graphics engine renders all media content, supporting multi-layer, multi-threading across single displays, multiple displays, video walls, and tablets or mobile devices.

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Improve Reliability by a Factor of 3
with SoC Displays

Less components = More reliable!

Navori QL software for SoC delivers the same performance and features as typical PC-based digital signage players. Simplification improves reliability by a factor of 3 and users can monitor and control their displays from QL Content Manager.

QL software for SoC Displays

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Why proprietary Software Matters?


Proprietary Software

Proprietary software with two key attributes:

•  Unparalleled rendering performance and quick development of new features or improvements.

• Navori QL source code is fully developed in-house allowing for efficient maintenance and contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that include resolution deadlines.

Most digital signage software solutions are not proprietary and rely on third-party modules with little or no control over the source code.
QL Professional Windows and Android are 100% native resulting in outstanding performance and there are no limits to the features we can  develop.