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Digital Menu Boards Are No Longer Optional For QSR

29 January 2021
Quick Service Restaurants have been relying on digital menu boards to inform and entertain guests for years. In the beginning, digital signage screens were restricted to the dining-room. You would sometimes see the odd pixelated LED boards hanging under a… Read More »

How To Choose The Best Digital Signage Software

28 January 2021
Digital signage displays have become essential to businesses worldwide. You find them in retail stores, quick-service restaurants, hotel lobbies, and public spaces. These are customer-facing screens that businesses use to promote their products and advertise their services. You also see… Read More »

Why Is Android OS A Good Choice For Your Digital Signage Needs?

16 December 2020

Google Android is a mobile operating system that has been around since 2008. Since then, it has dominated the market and currently represents 70% of all mobile operating systems worldwide. For those who don’t know, Android is free and open-source… Read More »

Have You Ever Heard Of Brightsign?

15 December 2020
Anyone who’s been around digital signage over the last 15+ years will instantly recognize the little purple BrightSign boxes that you plug in the back of your LCD screens. These media player devices are related to the parent company’s Roku… Read More »

Using digital signage and AI in the age of Covid

16 November 2020

How businesses have adapted their digital signage use during the pandemic  The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on retail and QSR operations. There have been countless new sanitary measures put in place, and regulations can vary wildly between countries… Read More »

Why is digital signage important?

9 November 2020

When someone mentions “digital signage” to you, what comes to mind? An airport or train station arrival/departure sign? A roadside LED billboard? A flat panel display inside or outside a retail store? Surprisingly, digital signage is far more common than most people think.… Read More »