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What is insane playback rendering?

19 February 2020

What’s “insane player rendering”? Navori recently introduced a new player software called IPR for “insane player rendering”.  The purpose of this software was to provide enhanced support for ultra-high-definition content, mostly due to the popularity of video wall and multi-display… Read More »

Data Driven Content Automation Software

19 February 2020

It’s a sunny midsummer day and you walk by a snack-bar window.  You notice a screen promoting ice-cream sandwiches.  That’s a great idea! You’re at your local bank, waiting in line to make a deposit. There are 10 people ahead… Read More »

System On Chip Media Player Software

19 February 2020
Professional System on Chip Media Player Software In digital signage terms, system on chip or SoC, refers to media player devices embedded in a digital signage screen.  It’s a technology similar to Smart TVs which you find in consumer-grade televisions.… Read More »

Multi-player, multi-OS synchronization

11 November 2019

If current digital signage trends are an indication, we are about to see a lot more screens in businesses and public spaces. This bodes well for marketers and brand owners who will benefit from the additional advertising space. However, having… Read More »

On Site Real-time Control Via Mobile

5 November 2019

QL Mobile is Navori’s localized content management tool that runs on smartphones and tablets. The software is HTML5-based so there is no local app to install. Simply point the device’s web browser to the QL Mobile URL and you are… Read More »

Create intelligent self-managed content

29 October 2019

Imagine content that adjusts to local events and user-defined rules in real-time, accessible to everyone right from the Navori QL interface Applications: Retail: Promote new products, remove ads for out-of-stock items, display content according to local weather conditions Restaurants, QSR:… Read More »